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Dawn T

I got in! Can't wait to see you in Arizona, exactly one month after Creative escapes i will be getting married in Hawaii. I will be at your event with my sister, the countdown is on. Hmm, which one am i more excited about CE2007 or wedding???
Dawn in Canada


I appreciate the effort and hard work your teams indure to put this event together. It can't be easy and that is recognized and appreciated by me. I truely enjoyed CE06 and look forward to another spectacular production.

nancy in ks

Heidi, I thought of you often today and the roller coaster of feelings that must go with such a day. Fantastic registration and then frustration from those who didn't get in. (TWO MINUTES AFTER IT OPENED???) just unbelievable. fantastic good. crazy bad.

So the question is, have the discussions started about having TWO CE's next year? Or another one this year? oh, and how about it if the ones who got in this round would have to wait a few days to sign up for #2 so the others would have a chance? well, don't know if you can do that, but maybe you could...(I wasn't one who tried to get in b/c I couldn't come this year, so I didn't experience the highs and lows a lot of other gals did, but couldn't help thinking about it.)


Well said Heidi! I was able to get in, and I can't even imagine the frusteration all involved went through this morning. I know everything will get ironed out (let's use your cute little pink iron)

Delaney Gates

Sometimes *wow* is the only word to describe things.
Hang in there.
I don't know how you do it all!



While it was crazy I was expecting it to be crazy. I actually think it went better than I thought it would. I am really thankful and will hopefully meet you in September.

Catherine Feegel-Erhardt  (Memory Maker Master  2007)

As I said in an earllier post...
As I said to your IT and creative team in an earlier email...
THANK YOU! you all have worked so hard for US to have FUN.
Good Job!
I could NOT have done better!

kim Loewen

I'm so glad you're looking at the positive! It was an amazing event last year and I know it will be amazing this year too! Registration was incredible...I somehow managed to get a spot...and of course am so excited! Thanks for all your hard work and inspiration! You are the best.

PROLIX from la Normandie

My dream, one day, is to meet you, with all the great stars of scrapbooking.

You make me dream.


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}


I'm so excited about going to CE again this year! Lots of gratitude go out to you and the entire CE staff. I hope you know how much we all appreciate your hard work and everything you do for all of us. Looking forward to see you all again in Sept!


I didn't try for CE this year--wanted to let someone else have the thrill of going that I had last year...spread the joy around. If we all tried to go every year no one else would be able to get in. I had met a Jpn gal on Yahoo Group I was hoping to see, but she didn't get in. Well, as long as we can buy canvas bags, T-shirts, the class book and extra kits at the lss--or maybe get to volunteer--I will be happy!! See what you get 4 being so popular! We all must have big mouths too because not so many people knew about CE last year. What's that saying about "Word of Mouth"? CONGRATULATIONS on your Sell Out!


I love your positive attitude! I love all the hard work you put into everything you do! Creative Escape 2006 was beyond my wildest of dreams. I know 2007 will again be truly amazing! I realized this morning was going to be crazy and it would sell out fast so I was prepared all ready to go! I unfortuneltly am one of the ones who at 9am got hung up on the checkout page. I'm disappointed...... but my real disappointment is your lack of acknowledgment of the IT/Server problems today. Truly the system was overloaded with problems. I would like to have read that your system just wasn't ready for the overload however, by next years registration the problems will be fixed. I know it is all beyond your control but at the end of the day this is your "dream" and we are all so excited to be a part of it!

Danielle Casello

Congrats Heidi!! I am so excited for all the positive people who will be joining you.
Don't let the other crabby people get to you-that's life :) Enjoy your weekend!!!

Colette in ABQ

Heidi --- THANKFULLY, I am one of the lucky who gets to come to CE in Sept. I got to attend last year and could not bear to miss it. I agree with one of the other posts who said you guys need another one during the year to let all the people who did not make it come. I'll be so excited to attend again and it was awesome!!!! Thanks for a terrific job and we look forward to seeing you.


Congratulations on the 2 minute sell out! You and Bazzill are Rock STARS! lol. Wow Wee! Grace


Heidi, I know that you are just as amazed that it filled up in two minutes, as we all are who didn't get in. I know you put so much preparation into this event that the thought of two a year is probably very overwhelming. It's just hard to swallow, when the hubby finally gives permission, (not as supportive), and the thought of a "girls getaway" was something to anticipate and work towards. It's like the light at the end of the tunnel. Life just gets overwhelming with working, and raising a family, and all the struggles of life, that the light at the end of the tunnell was a good thing. I hope to go next year, and no not mad, just dissappointed. I knew this would be an awesome event, and no, It didn't surprise me that you are so popular. Congrats! (wink), yes I'll have to try harder to get in next year. You are amazing Heidi.


I'm in, Heidi!! I can't wait for this...my best friend and I have been planning on it since last year...can't wait to see you and the gang again!!

Judy in Carefree

You warned us that it would sell out fast and it sure did! Had some problems, but finally got my daughter and I in with only 7 spaces left..YEA! Couldn't bear to miss this year's event as I had so much fun last year and now I have an added bonus of having my daughter attend with me. Thanks Heidi and Bazzil for an event that far exceeds CKU and is only 20 miles away!!!

Jacqueline Tucker

I think the frustrating part was not knowing what was happening... for those of us who don't understand the wild www out there it was confusing. Thanks to Bree who posted to the group (AYTR) and explaning some things.
I just wanted to know what was going on? was I doing something wrong? (entirely possible the old grey cells aint what they used to be :) ) was my computer dying (yet again)
It will be a wonderful time for all who registered and I'm sure those who didn't get in understand now what happened and are not apportioning blame to you Heidi, or your team.
Now let's get ready for the super bowl!
Cheers & warm hugs

Susan in NY

Hi Heidi,
WOW is right, yesterday was some wild ride! I am among those who were lucky enough to get in. Feeling very blessed and thankful right now, but sad for those who wanted it as much as I did & did not get in. I was waitlisted and then kept trying and made it in. Hopefully, the two lists can be matched quickly and more will be allowed in due to the duplications. Thank you for all that you do for us! It is very much appreciated. CoastalSusan/AYTR


Just disappointed. That's all. I am in Florida....really wanted to go....
On the "waiting list" and really hoping that all the screw ups that happened will work in our favor......can only hope.
So many folks wound up with more than what they wanted in their cart....that "must be frustrating"..
So when they dump off the extra 2 or 3 slots, I hope to be there to pick them up! WISH ME LUCK and Heidi....hope to see you in Sept!


vicki f

Heidi - i can't even imagine how yu or your staff are feeling. i know you all are doing what you can to make everyone happy. but you said it all. i am one of the lucky ones who did get in and i am really excited. the dust will settle and feelings will be healed. i think you just rock!

Sarah Pandolfo


Well I didn't get in but I did get to go last year so at least I have experienced it. This event takes so much to plan that I couldn't imagine how in the world you could hold two a year. Maybe just find a bigger place to hold it. But then that means more teachers, more volenteers more time. It is just like any other event....first come- first serve. I am disapointed that I didn't get in but that is how it goes. And as for the web mix up that is far beyond your control. It will all work out in the end. It always does.

Congrats on the new baby on the way. Maybe you will have 12 kids like the family I come from (wink wink). Just teasing Heidi.

Sarah from Canada


Heidi, Thank God I am one of the lucky ones that made it in. I will be coming from New Orleans with 3 friends. One of them is an alum from CE last year and told us this is one not to miss. I cannot wait ! I wish it was tomorrow! Looking forward to meeting you and your awesome team. Oh, I love the heat LOL. See you in Sept


I finally got in, after 47 minutes of freaking out LOL. Whew!!!

Good thing too, since ds CHANGED HIS WEDDING DATE so I could go to CE! He originally was to be married on Sept. 8th, and rescheduled to Aug. 11th. What a good boy I raised, huh? (and trained him well!)

I would be in deep caca had I not gotten in.

Thanks so much for all your hard work, and your staff is to be commended!


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