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Wendy WVG

Heidi, We've met at CKU and I truly think your ideas, ambition, energy and positive attitude are amazing. I along with many others didn't get in to CE and it was my first year trying. To the many that did,,congrats. My friend and I are on the waiting list with high hopes. At first I got an error that said my address didn't match my credit card or my account didn't have enough funds...well when I went back and saw that it had tried to put 3 spots in my cart...no wonder. So I didn't get in even though it said 421 spots available. I had great patience, only hit the button once but I can see I'm not the only person this happened to. Hopefully next years registration will be better. I'm still keepin' my fingers crossed to get in on the waiting list! THanks and I look forward to more great creativity from you in the future. GOOD LUCK with the pregnancy too. How exciting!


Hi Heidi!

I am so excited that I will be at CE in Sept. I am even skipping the 1st week of school to be there! Thank you for explaining what happened. It makes everything ok, now. Just waiting for my email... can I make a suggestion about the registration process? let's not make it so complicated with so many steps (clicks)... thanks doll- scrapbooking hugs to you!! heidi
P.S. I'm bringing my photo taken with you a couple of years ago in Sept. Gotta sign it, ok?? :)

Carrie Beaird

I had really High hopes of attending also, but I was out with my family that afternoon and thought; no problem there will be at least one spot available. When I went to register at 5pm Est standard time and there was a wait list already & the event sold out in 2 minutes, my HEART was crushed. I had really wanted to go, but I guess God has another plan for me this year, because I'm sure my name is way far down on that WAIT list and I will not be attending unless there is some kind of miracle that occurs. But for all of you that do get to attend, Have a great time, and I so wish I could be there with you all! Happy Scrapbooking!


Was wondering why people were able to register 45min - 1hr after we were told the event was sold out and to add our names to the waiting list?


WOW! is right, what a wild ride, for everyone! My friend and I got in and now the countdown begins...7 months is way to long to wait, not sure how we are going to do it. So looking forward to meeting you and the new little one!

Renee A.

frustration oh yes! i am happy for everyone who got in though. my wonderful husband bought me the airfare and booked the room back in october for my christmas gift without realizing i might not get in. so... we have to pay some cancellations and wait i guess. was really thinking i may get to go. waiting to see where we are on the wait list. i was on half hr early but still didn't make it in 2 minutes. the site froze up.

i am sure it will be like this every year. have a great time everyone. i hear heidi puts a great event on!

i guess it is cku here i come...

Mary C

In spite of the fact that I know you are sorry, I feel the need to comment on the horrible experience it was to attempt to register for an event that I had waited for months to be a part of, only to be booted out of a registration page and unable to get back in. I too was logged into the site an hour ahead of time, credit card in hand.
Actually, two hours ahead because your countdown clock was wrong until just a little beforehand.
I can't believe that you didn't know how big this would be and plan accordingly. It's been all over message boards and magazines for months. Allowing people to register just for one or two would have helped but being ill-prepared when everyone else in the world KNEW how big this would be is inconceivable.
I am on the waiting list but I do not hold out much hope of being contacted. I hope everyone who got in has a wonderful time and I hope you get your act together better next year.
It really bites that some of us BELIEVED it was sold out only to find out others kept trying and got in half-hour or more later.
Not a good thing.

margie r

Just wondered when and IF the waiting list is coming up.

margie r

erin yamabe

CONGRATULATIONS on your sellout and so quickly, too! my goal is for 2008- is it possible you will have more than 1 in a year?


Well, we are pretty bummed! My gift to my daughter after her marriage and her upcoming birthday was a trip to CE 2007. I was confident that we would get in. I was up early, coffee in hand and ready to sign in..all information at the ready! I logged in and found technical issues at the site, after several frustrating minutes I get in, click to register and go to check out discovering not 2 spaces, but 6. My credit card couldn't handle 6 X $599 so I backed out, went back in and it was closed. So, at 9:09 am I am putting my name on the wait list. Today, after multiple emails back and forth, I finally get one of the support staff to email me at work to tell me I am 657 so Heidi, needless to say, we will not get to see you this year. My daughter is heartbroken - she was jazzed to meet up with you - so this class will have to do it for now and we are now trying to scope out where you will be teaching a class and when...We might just have to register and fly down to AZ to meet you! Sounds like CE is taking off like wildfire - bigger or more events in the future?? hope so...we really want to go!


I just noticed Renee's comment and I was told the same thing by a gal on one of my Scrapping sites - that if I had waited 30 minutes, I could have registered and got in...that's what she did. That was really, really crummy for all of those that did get up early and were logged on and ready at 9 am. I forgot to mention that earlier. I would make a suggestion (I am part of an IT group), that everyone gets a time stamp so if say, I logged in and registered on the wait list at 9:09 and someone else simply registered at 9:30, that they would be registered in time order. Very unfair that someone gets to go that logged in at 9:30 but I am on a wait list? Does that truly make any sense of fairness! I, too, already had my reservations for hotel although I can cancel that but I'm going to hold it for now!

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