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Rachel Greig

1. How great are those doors!!
2. How cute are those dogs! (and Capri of course!)
3. How sweet are those jars!! (pun intended, LOL)


congrats on having a little boy
so awesome
love the garage doors
they are so fb
capri is such a darling and so cute touching the pups
they are adorable too!!
have a great holiday!! :)


Just love everything your family does. Congrats on the little guy. Don't worry to much about how close together him and Capri are. I have a 3/9/90, 3/25/91, & 3/10/92. I lived through 3 toddlers you can too.


Congratulations on getting a little boy I am sure capri will love being a big sister!!!


How do you do it all? Amazing. Little boys are so wonderful. I have both a boy and a girl and though girls are fun to dress, etc my little boy was the one who was the most fun. I know you have other boys so you probably know what I mean, and each child is so different! Capri will be special with all those brothers. They will protect her and she'll grow up comfortable around men. Not a bad thing in this still male-oriented world! Have you chosen a name? It will all be ok.........take a deep breath and keep telling yourself that and the butterflies will eventually stop. I try to remind myself not to worry until I have something to actually worry about. Take care and get some rest!!!!!!!!!!!!


Whew, you've been one busy lady! Those garage doors are just beautiful and SOOOO Arizona, I'm sure they'll have great success with those. CONGRATS on your new baby boy....I have 3 sons so I'm a bit impartial to baby boys! ;-) And look at little Capri, she's getting so big and so SWEET!!!


congrats on you having a boy, your MIL jars look fantastic


First of all, we do miss you when you don't blog. But, we also realize that you have a pretty busy life so when you do blog, it's a real treat! And, congrats on that news of having a little boy!!!! Fun, Fun, Fun! Loved seeing the pics of the pups and Capri and the jar idea, oh how fun!!!!

Enjoy your Monday off!


What a great job on everything--the garage doors are gorgeous, Scrapbooks Etc class was awesome, pups adorable, cool jars, baby girl and now growing a new baby boy, loving BPS and your new products!!! By all means...take the day off. LOVE those kids. Enjoy your day. :)


Your MIL is going to love those pups! I have two shih-tzus of my own and they are the most precious dogs ever. I can't imagine having any other breed!


Glad everything is ok with the baby. Congrats! I'm off now to check out the garage doors. And the puppies..............makes me want one. (almost!) :)

Catherine Matthews-Scanlon

Those doors are very cool! Congrats on your healthy baby boy!

Amie H.

Fun stuff! Congrats! I have three boys so I'm a bit partial--they're so fun. I like your MIL's decorations. Great ideas there. And congrats to your hubby. I hope he becomes wildly successful! ;)


Congratulations on a baby BOY!! How very exciting for you!! And that set up your MIL has is gorgeous! Boy would that be hard to have around the house with little kids! LOL! Maybe when the kids are older, but I would love to do that in my house! Sigh...

Laura Reaux

Congrats on the baby boy! My husband was just saying last night that he kind of wishes we had another baby boy, but I'm not going for it right now. LOL (We have a 3yo son, 2yo girl, and 2mo girl.)

Brandi Ginn

Congrats! I have to say...I'm glad you found out. I always love it when people find out...so what "C" sounding name will you come up with this time? ;)

Leigh Ann Brown

What a busy, exciting time for you and your family!
Those doors are amazing. One thing I don't like about so many new homes is that the garage is stuck out in the front with big ugly doors(at least here in Texas). But Eric's doors would be an artistic statement--instead of a big beige ugliness!
Congrats on the baby boy--how fun!

Anne Thompson

Yaay for a little baby boy! I love when people find out early, I did with my second baby and I really found that I was much more prepared, and felt already bonded to her! Those doors are incredible, what a cool idea! Anne

Peggy Severins

Congrats on having a boy, hope all will go well. Those puppies are just way too cute.

alesha maalouf

What wonderful news for you. The doors are fabulous! I would love to see the jars ina different season....Easter, $th of ul. If you remember maybe you could post.

Karalynn Tyler

Congrats on the boy! So fun. Nice to have a mix of genders- what a blessing!


Do you have a nanny to watch all those kids while you are away and with your hubby's business now? I have 4 kids, run my own business too, but don't use a nanny and refuse to do so. BTW, Congrats on the the new baby!


Yaaaaa!! Congratulations on a "BOY"!!! Very cute jars!!

love ya,


Congrats on the HEALTHY BABY BOY! So excited for you. Those puppies are adorable. Perfect size for little Capri! I'm home with my kids also today. Unfortunately, my company doesn't recognize this holiday, so I'm trying to get some work done - not easy! I'm really praying that I can get up the courage to give corporate america the boot and work more on my own sometime this year! Here's to dreams...

kim Loewen

So happy for you and your family! The doors look amazing! And those puppies are adorable. Love the jar idea too!

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