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Heidi's IT and Marketing Guy

Guess what - The Boy kit is now working!!!!


Will the book be available for checkout?


Yeah for me! I just ordered your birthday girl kit, some tape and chipboard letters. My scrap pages thank you in advance. {wink} I am still grateful to you for 'turning me on to scrapping'. Have a great weekend!

Carrie Christiansen

I can't get the book to be an option to buy? Is it available for purchase??? Please help!!! I'm so excited about the kits!! Thank you so much. You are such an inspiration!!!

Cyndi Speelman

I can't get the book to be available either! Is it no longer available? Thanks!


I love the gallery of ideas for each kit and I really liked how you explained how you did everything. It would be great if you would make those available in a pdf that we could download.


Oh, Heidi, Heidi~

I posted on previous "link" about not being able to get "boy" kit in my cart.... well this link worked perfectly. Thank you! I have both boy and girl kit on the way to my house... can't wait to play. Thank you so much for making these kits available to us. :o)

I too would love the book. Is there a way to order that thru your website? I've not come across it, and would LOVE to have it!

Sue Bone

Shame that they don't ship to England :(


Jenny A.

I just ordered one of each kit and some extra goodies!!! Thanks for putting these kits together and I can't wait to get my hands on them!


I just ordered the boy kit! Thanks for putting this together! Can hardly wait until it arrives! You are the best Heidi!

Sarah Lambert

Ordered the Boy Kit....very excited...thanks Heidi!!


Yay! I ordered one of each and an album... Can't wait to see these in person! Thanks for putting them together... :)

kim faucher

Shame on you for putting up such awesome products and making them so available to us! lol
I couldn't decide so I ordered both! :)

Thanks for such great kits!


sue pigott

hi im from canada, and it wont ship to canada for me. can someone help??


Wow!! the girl kit sold out fast!! Will you be selling anymore? I would love to get one!


Everyday I checked your blog for the kits you talked about a while back. I see them today and SOLD OUT! SO dissapointed. I hope you get more.


I can't believe (well, yes I can) the girl kit is sold out already. GREAT BIG BUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan in NY

I had one in my cart but had to leave in a hurry to go & pick up my daughter. When I came back to complete my transaction, it had been removed from my cart!!! Now it says sold out! I rec'd a message that said items remain in cart for 50 days. Ummm, guess not! Heidi, please put together more girl kits!!!


I missed out on the girl kit:(
Is the book available on your website?
I can't wait to get my hands on it. Jess

Michelle McGary

Can we buy the book? Thanks!


Aloha Heidi...I was gone for a day and came back to see that these kits are sold out. I would love it if you were able to put a few more girl kits up for sale...:-)

I am in the AYTR class and love it! Thank you for being you and offering such a great class.


Please Please Please add more girl kits!!! I just ordered the boy kit and lots of other goodies, but am SO SAD that I could not get the girl kit and could not find a way to buy the book. Please keep us posted. Thank you!!!


I received your 'Just for looks' idea book last week... *heart* that book. I think i look at it everyday. Very inspiring.
checked your blog today so happy to see the kits available(or not) Please put together more girl kits as i am expecting my 1st girl in May. Need all of those items. Yes, i need to get the boy one as well, i have 5 of them!!
thanks for doing all of this.. off to order


Just want to also say PLEASE add more girl kits!!! I am having my first girl after two boys (due right after you - July 30th) so I am in desperate need of some girl sb products!

Jill Bushart

Please put together more boy kits. You are far too popular to only put together 100 of each kit for your avid fans!!

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