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I wish I had a Recollections up here in Washington! DANG IT! Congrats to the person who won! What a wonderful opportunity most of us would kill to have!

krista gradias

How much FUN! I am definitely jealous of a personal shopping spree with you! No Recollections here in CA :( I can always hope and wish though. Congratulations to Barbara & Jennifer! :)

kim Loewen

I wish I lived near a recollections! The class sounds like it will be amazing! Congrats to the winners!


I love our local RECOLLECTIONS and can't wait for the classes...will definitely be there.


We don't have one here in Detroit either. That would be too cool.
You have been rockin the pages lately!


what happened to the link to buy your kit???


Did I miss the link to buy your kit?


congratulations to the winners...enjoy every moment!


CONGRATS to the winners! So lucky to have so much time w/ the Master & Em. I have so many questions and never enough time to ask them. Can you tell the higher powers we need a Recollections in the far East Valley. Please! Chandler store is a long drive and forget Glendale. I entered giveaway, not the LO. Still trying to catch up on BPS. Watch out for the viral plague. Sister had it, son had it and now I have it--thought it was allergies, but it's more of a bronchial thing. Hope you don't get it.


hmm...seems like everything is beginning to all look the same... like heidi swapp... this winning LO looks like something Heidi would do... so where's the uniqueness? where's the individuality? if you use heidi products with heidi's handwritting... guess what it looks like? yup... there is so much more to the world than one style...
count me out of the world of 'wannabe's'


DID I miss the link for the kit?


Wow, LenaS, what a tacky comment! Surprised to find that on such a fun and positive board! Why are you on HS's blog if you are so down on her style?

CONGRATS to Jennifer and Barbara! Jennifer, you totally deserve it, your work is gorgeous! Barbara, hope you had a fantastic weekend and enjoy all that new stuff!


I work at Recollections in Dallas, and I was so excited to hear that you're teaming up with us for NSD!! I can't wait to see what you come up with! I love the paper, too. Agree that it's totally pushing me out of my comfort zone, but so much fun to play with!

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