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Vickie Jones

Had to chuckle about the nasty things in tupperware containers. DH hates my policy but every Sunday evening everything in the fridge gets purged, doesn't matter if it's from Saturday night or the previous Sunday, it's the only way I can stay on top of it!

Now for legs, I attack them in sections, 4 days, 4 sections, bottom half (Great for Capri days) Knees, thigh and than upper leg, bikini area. ALright my legs are never perfectly shaved but it keeps me ahead, it's all mental right!


This is such helpful advice. Thanks 4 sharing! I have wondered for some time how you "it girls" do it. Any little glimpse into the hows and whys is greatly appreciated. I am a Mom who chose to set aside my personal goals for the welfare of my children and husband. Somehow lost myself over time. LUV your reminders...also, I've adopted the "Only Shave Your Legs Before Major Holidays" Attitude. Of course that doesn't work too well in AZ in summer. I wonder if they have a GWorld Record for longest leg hairs--think mine R 2-inches now. LOL Good Luck on your list...I'm not getting anything done reading your blog! See ya. Thx again.


Holey moley, that's quite a to-do list. If I could get that much accomplished in one day I'd be so thrilled. How do you do it?! I so admire people who can get so much accomplished, and I want to know the secret (besides getting a head start the previous day :-))


oh rofl! your list is exactly what I did yesterday! (Including the shaved legs :P)


I hope you got a lot done. I love having one day to catch up on stuff that did not get done. Usually Monday is that day! lol Thanks for being so real all the time! It's so nice to know that I am not the only one who struggles!


shaved legs are highly overrated.
love your blog messages!!

Cindy Tolbert

You are so normal. We all face the same stuff. Blow off your list and do something for yourself. You will always have your "to do list" to go back to, it's not going anywhere!

wendy treseder

Oh please Heidi, give yourself a break and just wear long pants :)


Very inspiring. Have found your posts to be such lately. Thank you for sharing your tidbits.


HOLEY FREAKING SCHMOLEY HEIDI!!! I know this is a bit off topic but I just finished browsing thru your new book..."just for looks" I picked up at Scrapbook's Etc. in Mesa!!!!!!!!! That was seriously the best $10.00 I have EVER spent!!! I have a TON of your products and I just got excited all over again about using them! Off to scrap! Keep it up girl!!!!

Dan McCutcheon

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