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Kim j

help it will not let me add the boy kit to the shopping cart and i so want this.


oohh...love these kits!!
so fun!


I can't get the boy one to add either, and I so, so want it. Help!! For me it's just pulling up the girl kit (which I do have in my cart.... I want them both!) :o~


I can't get the girl one to add : (


I am not able to access the book to purchase it. It shows me the book but not able to find where I click on it to buy?


Okay, this "totally" works for me with such a hectic life filled with 2 kids and 6 stepkids and one week away from 10 grandkids!! I'm in your Year to Remember class as well (I am behind :(...but hoping to get caught up once we have finished our move to our new home and I get my store opened. LOL, sounds great if you say it fast! Which is why I say THANK YOU again for these kits!

Dondi Murdock

I can't get either the girl or boy kit to add. Boo hoo!


Hi, are you shipping Australia? It won't accept my postcode. I also couldn't find the book to purchase. I really would like both kits and the book!

Shannon Lowe

I just ordered both kits with no problem and I am so excited to get them!

BTW... If you are considering Heidi's book, GET IT! I love it! It has solid design principles and large pictures, I refer to it every time I scrapbook!

HEIDI, thank you for making these kis available to us for such an amazing deal. I don't know how you do it all. You are amazing! :)


Heidi you have done it again. I just dropped a bunch of money at my LSS this week, bought some more stuff from Joanns recently all on your things and now this. I had to have both kits and a couple of other goodies as well. I can't wait to get these and play.

I agree the idea book is great. I am in the Year to Remember class and it has been great.


Is this for US residents only? I am unable to select an Australian address.

PROLIX from la Normandie

you make me hungry!!!


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}


HI Heidi! i LOVE your stuff..and your STYLE! Your layouts always inspire me, esp all the little details and embellies! I was wondering where I can get the book, your website does not sell it...TIA! -Em


I'm the same, would love some of your products but can't buy them over the web, won't post internationally.


love the idea of your kits!!!! I need these!

jennifer Haywood

HI Heidi! I WOULD LOVE TO SEE SOME LAYOUTS DONE WITH SOME OF YOUR NEW PRODUCTS OT THERE, ie; THE HUGE CORNER TABS, YOUR NEW CLOCKS, NEW STAMPS, MASKS, AND THE ANGEL WINGS!! I would love some fresh ideas to go along with your fresh products. I have my own ideas but i always get inspiration when I see what you have dreamed up! Love your blog Heidi. TFS!


Help cant get the to ad the girl kit!!!!


heidi!!!!!! youre kits are sold out and i desperately want one for my friend and myself!!! they are totally stink cute and such a good price!!! email me PLEASE and let me know what i have to do at this point to get one!!!!!! thanks a bunch!!!! stay cute...

Angela Smith

Those are cute! I keep trying to get to your web site and it says "no web site configured at this address." I want to look at those fabola kits and I need to contact customer service re: product problems.

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