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haha -- you'd be even happier if you walked onto my scraproom -- i have a hanging rack FULL of heidi swapp goodies -- i seriously can't make a layout anymore with out some heidi goodies! thanks for the fun stuff! love love love it! (ok, maybe a little too much ... lol!)


Playing catch up after a vacation is a mess! More draining than you care for it to be. Nonetheless, you make it work :) and carry on.

As for using your products, other than Chatterbox I've never been so in love with a single of line of products. You both are my ABSOLUTE must-haves.

For Christmas, DH bought me your kit that Costco had. Last week they still had a few left and I just HAD to have them (yeah, that's plural). He understands my obsession w/your stuff so he didn't even complain. He's learned to pick his battles and that's one that he knows can NOT be won for him, lol. A girl can never have too much HS!!!

Tran Quach

My boyfriend and I would go to books stores also! When there is nothing to do... book stores! :-P


Ditto for me with the SS#. In CA I was able to get my DL with my married name but then we moved to TN(12 years ago) and they made me put my maiden name. It causes quite a stink especially when you fly! We have been married 14 yrs. So you can tell your dad you're not the only one!


I saw you at Target today! I had to fight my urge to scream like a school girl and ask for your John Hancock, you are a celebrity! You looked so so cute too. I wanted to come over and say hi, but I didn't want to bug you, it looked like you were having a good time with your friend. So cool to see you, made my day!

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