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Ashley Harris

Sounds like a ton of fun! Those pictures are so great! That dust storm was a bit insane wasn't it? NUTSO! Thanks for sharing!

Victoria B

you have a beatuful family...your pool is amazing!!!


That looks like a really fun weekend. Glad it turned out so well. I'd love it to be warm enough for a splash in a pool here in the UK! Makes Arizona sound very appealing lol!!

Sandy McTier

Those cookies look yummy ~ my 3 boys want me to make them today after I showed them the pic on your blog!
I so enjoy coming to your blog for inspiration your wit and charm! Thank you for that.


cookies look yummy!!
looks like a blast at the swapp home!!
enJoy your sunday :)


is there anything in the world cuter than little girls in frilly pink swimsuits?
so dang cute - thanks for sharing!


How FUN!! Nice Rock pool you got there!! :)

Kristi Williams

What a fun weekend it sounds like you had!! The mini-storm was nuts, huh?!? I had to walk right through it from my car into the Ahwatukee JoAnn's - I felt like I got sand-blasted! LOL Glad you enjoyed the day - here comes the heat!!!

Karalynn Tyler

With my nine month old crawling and starting to walk along furniture we are scrambling to babyproof too. She's a quick one and there are things I never dreamed she'd find a way to get into, yet she proves to be a smart little cookie. As for splashing, well let's just say I need to wear a raincoat when I give her a bath... quite the splashing experience.

Collin Kasteler

i wish i was there!!! i'm learning to swim like fish so i can go swimming in the pool and on the water slide too....and then we can get corn dogs and slushies.

love and miss you!!!!

Kim Griffin

glad you had some good quality fun family time heidi! NOTHING is ever as imortant as your family!
no pool in the yard..but lots of warm sunshine here in winnipeg! luvin it!!!


Ice cream sandwiches...sleepovers, family, sunshine, swimming, smiles. I see scrap pages in this post! =) You always are so upbeat. I'm longing for warmer weather. You're probably about to be 'over it' at this stage in your pregnancy. Best to you and all your gang. Capri is looking so 'big'! Wait til this next little one shows up. =) She'll grow up even more- overnight!


You are the funnest mommy, heidi!! the ice cream sandwiches are such a cute idea. capri is so cute...i am always relating her to gabby because they are at the exact same stage...crawling, pulling herself up...they are becoming such little "people" now. aaahhh!!


Love the icecream sandwich idea. Good luck to Kristy, I have been voting daily.

kim Loewen

Sounds like such a fun weekend! And so nice to have your sister and niece visiting! Those pool pics are so cute and little Capri looks adorable. We have the full on splashing baths with our little guy Ryker...I'm soaked by the time he's done. He loves the water so much! What a yummy treat...icecream sandwiches...yum! Perfect treat for hot weather!


Happy Birthday, H...I think it's today. Have a great day! Loved BPS last week. Capri doesn't look like a baby anymore--soooo adorable. May I suggest a Life Vest for the youngest Swapp...just in case. Can't believe it's swimming weather already. My sis, niece and I were in restaurant having late lunch when dust storm knocked all the power out, traffic lights too; so manager gave us lunch "on the house". Cool.

Sharon Lovoy

I may be wrong Miss Heidi, but I think today Monday, is your BIRTHDAY!!!!!! (at least that is what my Palm Treo says) Have a lovely, happy, joyous, crazy, fun-filled day (and year!!) Blessings!!!


Hello, and Happy Birthday from South Australia - we share the same birthday! I've had a lovely day today, and I hope you do, too! Nothing beats a home made card from your child, especially when they've got your age wrong!


Heidi, you mentioned you are going to be on QVC, When? I can't wait to see you.


I made my way over to your blog because in real life, I'm a Heidi also!!


Happy B-day! Mine is today too!!

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