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step Davy

wow how much do i wish you were my mum :)

Alison Shearer

I bet every boy would like to have you as his Mum.. What a special party! You really do live 'in the desert' don't you? - I hadn't really grasped that from previous pictures.



well ok , its truly official now....you are indeed THE best party givin mom!!

too cute!

Angie Nichalson

What a cool party Heidi! The kids looked like that had a blast. The theme and activities are great ideas for when my son gets older. Take care.

Jessica Stoops

How cool!! I bet Cory loved it. I need some of your party creativity. You are such a cool mom.
I can't wait to see how you scrapbook this special party. Thanks for sharing! Jessica


I love parties - looks like a great time was had by all maties.


What a fun party - bet there were some tired bodies that night.


What lucky kids! This party rocks. I want to go in your pool....the slide looks like alot of fun. I'm sure they all had a terrific time. It really was a "party to remember"!


It looks like everyone had fun! When my kids were little and having parties I think I always had as much fun as the kids did! And yes, Oriental Trading is awesome, one can spend way too much money there on party goodies!!


Looks like soo much fun - wish we could have been there...we'll be down soon!
Glad there were no rattlesnake incidences.


How COOL! My boys are having a combined pirate party this upcoming weekend. I am going to "borrow" some of your ideas too! Looked like a blast too...thanks for sharing!


wow!!! this party looked so freakin' cool!!! it looks like your house was the perfect setting. so much fun....definately a party to remember!!


YOU ROCK, Heidi!! What a FANTASTIC party! Can you plan my daughter's 5th birthday? LOL. It looks like a hit! Great job! :)


You are such a cool mom. ;)Like the idea about the cake and stencil. :)


What a great DAY...that looks like the party of the year!!! What a good Mom/Dad you guys are!!! Collin will be excited to look at these pictures! Glad it was such a fun day. Sad we were not there to celebrate too.


What a fabulous party!!! That must have been Cory's dream come true... for as long as I can remember he has loved swords!! So wish we could have been there!


That looks like the coolest party ever! Great ideas! Can't wait to see the pages you turn out from that! Happy birthday to Cory!

PS~on a side note I was at my fave scrapbook store yesterday & they got all your new stuff in! I can't wait to play! I love it all!


what an awesome party!!
you are the ultimate party thrower :)


Oh. My. Heck.
That sounds amazing! Great work, Mom!


Now that looks like a rockin party! Cory's party I'm guessing will be the talk of the town (or school) in this case.

Rachel Saunders

such a great party...wish I had a big garden like that. I am doing a pirate party for my son in may so thanks for the inspiration!!!


WELL DONE, CAPTAIN. Looks like a lot of work, but worth it to give a child that one special day. Happy B-day Cory. Boys R so much fun! Wishing you many more happy years. Heidi, we almost bought an acre lot near you one yr...makes me wish we had. Husband wanted an irrigated lot so we could make our own soccer field. I really like the desert! CUfriday


What fun I bet Cory will remember this for a long time. I can't wait to see how you scrap this. You look like you had so much fun in all the details - I loved your invitations.

kim Loewen

What an incredible party! You did such an amazing job and it looks like everyone had such a great time! What a special birthday!


daaaang. will you plan a pirate party for my birthday?? what a blast!!!

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