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did you know you were scrapjacked at scrapjacked.blogspot.com????


VOTED!!! :)


Yeah, I saw you were scrapjacked....it's fun to see the scraplifts on the site.

I've been voting for Kristy every day. Back to voting...hope she wins!!!

kerry davis

I've been voting, too and will keep at it again! Keep us posted - she is super cute and I hope she wins...


Go Kristy! Still voting for her!


I voted again! I hope she wins! I love her video!


Yipppeeee GO KRISTY.. I have been voting everyday. I sure hope she wins. I think she would make the best Presenter, love her video...


diane mcvey

Voted each day!!! Will do it again! She's just adorable :)

Jolene George

I'm SOOO GLAD she made it to the top 5. I knew she would because she's stinking adorable...in a good way! I will continue to do my daily voting and tell my friends to do the same. http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/


shame on you, heidi....


I just voted! I think she's the best choice and I'm going to remember to vote every day.


still trying to figure out how I found your blog... LOL, went to check her out, then watched all the videos, and can I say, your cousin is SUCH a cutie?? I totally would have voted for her either way, even if she wasn't your cousin ;) She is sooo charismatic!


Aaaarrrrghhh!!! I was watching Kristy's video and loving it, but decided to be fair and watch the others before voting. But somehow I clicked on "Vote" for Janine by accident! This is what happens when you have jet lag and are trying to give up caffeine at the same time! Sigh. Sorry--I'll try to do better tomorrow.


Did U know U must B a member to vote? I signed up but don't know if any of previous votes counted. Good Luck.

Colleen E

Well, Capri is darling - she looks like your dh, no? Just got the YTR goodie box - gave spoiler/sneak peak on my blog! Thank you!!! Can't wait for the June LO...

lovely cee

i think your cousin should be the next host. she's the most energetic one>> i'm not saying this because i buy Heide Swapp products but i'm saying this because i think she's great> not only beautiful but she's very funny/ talented/ she's got all.
good luck to your cousin> i really hope she wins.

PROLIX from la Normandie


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}


Without a doubt she is hands down the best savvy mom! She is the cutest, such energy.




I am new to your blog....but how amazing your products have been to me in creating such wonderful pages...books and projects. I wanted to thank you for your talent and products.....and I am voting everyday....:o)(wink) I hope she makes it.
From the mountains of Idaho, I thank you.
Jann N.

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