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Done. She's at least got one vote due to your help.


Hi Heidi
Ive voted for Kristy also...hopefully my vote counts as Im in Sydney Australia.
What a wonderful woman. I have my fingers crossed she wins. Hope all is well with you and the family.


done, fingers crossed now.

Wel, i will probably never see this show as i live in France but she seemed very nice


all Done heidi! My vote is in, i'll try to get thier once a day- hope she wins- if she's half as fun as you she'll be amazing!


I voted as well. I missed a day, but I will keep checking daily until the end. Good Luck Kristy!


Consider it done! Hope she wins! :)


i can verify heidi's wild claims, she is absolutely amazing. i just went to the site and watched her clip as well as some of the others and hands down she needs to be the winner.
go olives mom, go!


THANK YOU SO MUCH Heidi for spreading the vote..and to all of you who are taking the time to click that link!!! I SO Appreciate it!


I have actually seen her on a discovery channel show about pregnant mommy models!!! She was one of my favorites!!! I am so voting for her.

kori babb

kristy got my vote! :) she's just too dang cute!

Meredith S.

She got my vote...very cute.




How darn cute you have an amazing family! She would win even without all our votes!

Cheryl Hinton

Done!!! Good luck Kristie.

Chris from Va. Beach

OMG, Heidi! I've seen her on Runway Moms! She IS so cute and what an adorable family also!! I'll definitely give her my vote!


Cast my vote for Kristy. I have seen her on the health network show.. Runway Models. She is too cute!! Hope she gets it. And her girls are adorable too.

Good luck

Andrea D

i watched all the videos and she is definitely the most fun!

Amy Cline

So cute! She is truly chasing her dream and her comments were very validating. One more vote on tally!

Teri C

Oh my gosh!! She is so cute!!! And that photo of her & her kids (I'm assuming) that is adorable! Hoping she wins.


I voted for Kristy! And to be honest she's the best one! Good luck to her and hopefully we'll all get to see her on TV soon.


I watched all the videos and your cousin truly deserves to win this! She is adorable...she reminds me of someone...Heidi! good luck! take care,Gail thetatterednest.blogspot.com


UM yeah, she sounds JUST LIKE YOU

anne sheridan

Done! She's gorgeous!

anne sheridan

Done! She's gorgeous!


OMG!!!!!!! I totally remember seeing her on Runway Moms!!! YAY FOR HER!!! I loved her! She is SO cool! I voted! For her OF COURSE! :)

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