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Jolene George

She is simply adorable! I voted for her! http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/

Alisha Morgan

Is it sad that I recognized her from the Nuvaring commercial? LOL. She is a cutie. I'm voting!


I voted too but I have to tell you...she has some tough competition. One of the other gals video I reconized because she's been on the Rachel Ray show many times. It's good your getting the word out and I will try to vote everyday too. TFS this and GOOD LUCK to your Relative.

Sharon Lakin

WOW! How busy is she? She so deserves all the votes!

Jenny A.

Just voted! She is cute!

KJ Miller

Heidi, you are the best to request your fabulous fan base to vote for Kristy. I thought I was supportive requesting the same of 60 of my friends. A drop in the bucket but every vote counts. It thrills me to know you have connected. I know Grandma & Grandpa K are thrilled as well knowing their posterity is so talented in so many ways. A big cheer for our creative family.

Candi Ladwig

How cute is she??? I watched the video & instantly wanted her to be my best friend!! I hope she gets it-- I can't wait to add the show to my TIVO already! I will keep voting!




Amy Tangerine

Just voted! I just ADORE your masks! Please make more. I have borrowed Emily Falconbridge's while she is down under. Thanks!
*amy tangerine

Angela Randolph

Count me in.....I will vote daily!


Hey! That's the NuvaRing chick!! :) (And I voted too..)

Sarah A.

She's your cousin? Wow--that energy must be a family trait! Just to be fair, I watched the other videos too--even without knowing the connection I would have voted for her. She looks like she'd be way more fun to watch on t.v.!

Jennifer Kirk

I voted! How CUTE is SHE!? :)


I voted for her! What a cute video, I hope she wins.

jo hannah


Tran Quach

What a spiffy lady! :-D Voted! :-)

Megan H.

That sounds like a fantastic show. I voted for her. I hope she wins!

Liz Arsenault

hope she wins! I voted and emailed another CE-06 buddie and she voted too!!!


I voted! She's adorable.


Hi Heidi, I don't ever comment on blogs, just love to surf them, see the latest.
You are a huge inspiration to me, and I have put a vote in on your behalf. Your cousin looks great, and I agree, she has
amazing skin! lol


OMG! I totally know her from "Run Way Moms" on TLC. She is so, so cool. I can't believe that you are related. I will go vote now!


Hi Heidi,
I voted for Kristi. She was the best! My duaghter just became the newest BONGO jeans girl through a contest like this. Her ad will appear in the June issue of Girl's Life magazine! I wish Kristi the best.
Gina K.
Gina K. Designs


What a cutie patootie, she got my vote! Good luck to her!!

Helle Greer

How fun is she, no wonder you are related.
She got my vote.


o.k. Heidi. went and voted for Kristi. BECAUSE i thought her video was really well done and she seems so genuine and I could totally relate to everything she said being a professional with 3 kids and all the rest that goes along with that...


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