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Happy Mothers Day to you!!! What a great reflection on today! And what a great birthday party! I love everything you did. And those photo frames are so adorable!


Okay, TOTALLY cute B-Day party!!! The lanterns are FAB!


Happy Mother's Day! The party looks fabulous- Happy Birthday Quincy!

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loved your post....so encouraging.
i can often times feel so discouraged about what kind of mom i am too...
anyway--glad ya'll had a blast for Q!


What a fantastic outlook on Mother's Day, I totally understand your old feelings about it, been there done that!

I LOVE love love the glamour party idea, I may have to incorporate a bit of it into Caitlynn's Sleepover party next weekend!


Happy Mothers Day to you too !
I've never thouth that way (maybe don't have time to actually think about it) but i can relate to what you're saying !
and that party !! How cool isthis !! will make great LOs !!!
Brigitte from Australia
(c'est 'fun' de Creer)


What a cute idea for a party!! Happy Mother's Day!


What a fab idea for a party! I just love it!
Hope you had an awesome Mother's Day!

Alison Love

Looks like the girls had lots of fun!

Nicky H

You are an awesome Mom! This cool party makes me wish I had a daughter! (Or that I was young again!) LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture frames with awesome pictures of the girls in them!

Dawn Bibbs

TOO cute!!! What a super fun idea. Glad everyone had a fun party and that YOU had a special Mother's Day!

Kim Loewen

Those latterns are adorable! And the party looks like it was a hit! So fun! Hope you had a great Mother's Day! You are definitely a Super Momma!


okay...so stinkin' cute. you are getting me VERY excited to do birthday parties for my girls. i think lots of parents just see doing the bday parties as an obligation and do the "simplest" activities/food they can come up with....but look how much fun your parties are and so cute and the kids will remember these special parties forever...that's what i want to do for my girls! and the thing is...you can still do "simple" things that turn out so great! thanks for sharing heidi, and happy 6th bday, quincy!!!

diane mcvey

That party looks like such a dream!! I only had boys, so didn't get to do that fun stuff! It looks like you had a great day, and Happy Mother's Day to a wonderful Mom...YOU! I can't wait to see the new baby...not that much longer! You have such adorable kids!! :)

Kim Griffin

Heidi, you are so energetic and creative...you give the best parties on the block i'm sure!!! glad you had a great mother's day and i hope eric is doing better!!!


Sooo cute!


What a *GREAT* idea!! My daughter's 5th birthday is this weekend... she is going to have the most friends over she has ever had at a birthday of hers, so she is THRILLED! We are doing a "fancy" party. :) We'll see how it goes!!


What a *GREAT* idea!! My daughter's 5th birthday is this weekend... she is going to have the most friends over she has ever had at a birthday of hers, so she is THRILLED! We are doing a "fancy" party. :) We'll see how it goes!!


You do such a great job putting effort into making it special for your children, in everything you do. That is what inspires me! I am in your AYTR class and you have really shown us how to make it count :)

Jennifer S.

ohhhh wow! I want to go to this party! Giving me ideas for my girl's 6th b-day this month too! Thanks!
7 gypsies has the cutest mother stickers. I love the one that says, "Rules for motherhood, thrown out the window" it's something like that, can't remember the exact quote. It's amazing the dreams I had about what kind of "perfect" mother I was going to be and reality. But I know I am trying my best!


Heidi!! way too cute--that glamour party for quincy! all the rage now w/ little girls-- and i'm getting some awesome ideas from you for when my little girl gets bigger (she's 1!) i can't wait!! :) my son who will be 6 in june just loved looking at the pictures from cory's pirate party!

also, glad to hear you had a nice mother's day! it is a day to reflect on all the blessings that being a mom entails, and i guess you really do appreciate your mom all that much more once you become one yourself! so surprised though to hear you have "doubts" as a mom, as you always are so put-together and i strive to be that "perfect" mom that you always seem to be!! :)



oh to have Heidi Swapp as a mom! :o) Simply adorable as is each of the little girls.

Michelle Howell

What an amazing party! Your kids are so lucky.

Jolene George

Oh how I wish I had a daughter. What a sweet little girl party. You did an amazing job.
Happy mothers day Heidi. http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/

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