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Happy Mother's Day!

What a cute party!! I love the mirror idea and giving each girl their pictures as a party favor! I only wished to have a party like this!


so you know you throw a great girl party when adults wanna come...that loos so stinkin cute and fun!

Carrie Lammert

Inadequacies as a mother? Are you kidding me? I think you are one of the most awesome moms ever.Your energy amazes me. I would love to be one of your kids although that would be hard to explain as I am older than you. Fabulous party. So cute. I had 3 boys and so missed out on all the girlie stuff. But there's always grandaughters!


Well H, you pulled it off again--another amazing B-day party for your little one! Love all your photos TFS. Quincy and friends R sooo cute. Happy Birthday Quincy. 6 already? How does it feel to be all dolled up? U have a FABULOUS Mom--give her lots of love and respect K? I'd love to meet your Grandmother someday too...we have a major life-altering event in common.


love your party stuff Heidi....the girls look so cute. Happy birthday quincy. TEna


Uh, Oh...I should be doing BPS assignments! Quincy, I forgot to add that I remember your birth LOs hanging up at ML and how happy your Mom was to finally have a girl--look how quickly she converted to the PINKside. You R a FABULOUS daughter.

Lisa M. Pace

How fun! What an adorable party. Looks like the girls had a blast. Happy Birthday Quincy.


Your glamour party is a GREAT idea!!!! My daughter turns 6 in November and I've been trying to figure out a fun idea to celebrate!!! I may have to take a stab at it. Thanks for sharing. Also, not that I am an expert but all it takes to be a great mom is the unconditional love and care you give them... But I know how you feel. Have a wonderful week!!!

Karalynn Tyler

What a fun girlie party! I hope you don't mind but I have been using you for some inspiration today and not the scrapping kind. See my daughter Anna was born about two weeks before you had Capri and now I just found out that my husband and I are expecting a little boy in four months. Don't ask how I ignored the fact that I'm five months pregnant for this long... it's a long story. However, when I saw my tiny baby's face on the ultrasound today I knew it would all be okay and I thought to myself, "If Heidi can be a great mom with two coming so close together AND have three other children and still have the time to be creative, then I can do it too." And of course I realize that every child is a blessing and God's plans are far greater than our own. So thanks for giving me a bit of comfort that things will work out for good since you have been so calm and cool about having two so close together.


Hey Heidi,

Great party decorations! Did you use a button maker for the invitations? And the pillow envelopes...did you buy them with polka dots on them already?

Traci from Alaska


Wow! Your the coolest Mom ever! I want to be just like you when I have kids! Happy Mothers Day for yesterday! :)

Lyn Dwyer

Love all the party stuff ......how cute are those pillow cases?
I bet the girls had such fun.....a real girly party with such fun activities......not sure who the biggest kids is Heidi.....QUINCY or MUM.....sorry you Americans say MOM....

Lyn (Australia)


How cute are those pictures and the whole theme?? Before reading it, I swore you hit Libby Lu's!

Kat (Lovebug Kat - the chatty one)

Happy Mother's Day all.

What an amazingly fun looking party that is!
I love the picture frames for the end of the party, an awesome memory for those girls I am sure!


Wow Heidi, you are the party Queen!!! My daughter will be 12 this year and you have given me so neat ideas!!!


Wow! I love your ideas for birthday parties and hope you dont mind but I jotted them down in my idea book for my own children. Thanks for ALWAYS inspiring me. and happy mother's day to you!

Pam Klassen

Love the party theme, decorations - everything. From a mom with TWO boys this looks all very PINK to me! Love it.



WOW! What a great party...I may have to party-lift for my DD! The hair is fan-tab-u-lous!


I loved this post so much because I can relate very much to your feelings. I think we all need to be better about accepting our faults and noticing our strengths more. What a wonderful birthday party... you are always just sprewing creative wonderful amazing things and I love that through reading your blog, buying your stuff, and the mags I can soak it all in. I am not naturally as talented as you or even close!


Too cute... my daughter will be 10 this fall and I knwo that even she would still love doing this for her friends. Fake hair, and photos... What girl wouldn't love that? Your a genius !!! ¥ Oh, Happy Birthday Quincy...


Wow- Heidi - if I ever get to be a Mom I want to be lik you. What fabulous ideas for a little girls parties. Everything is so cool! You always impress and inspire me.


WOWZA! I love the glamour party, looks like a ton of fun. I gotta say I'd love to go to a party like tat now, even at my age! lol I have two DS's and four Stepsons so you can believe that should God ever grant me a girl she in for TONS OF PINK! ;)

Rita Weiss

What a fabulous idea for a little girls birthday party Heidi! NOW, do you have a great suggestion for a 9 year old boy? My son's is in 2 weeks and I'm scramblin..... HELP! Love your blog. and your Distresser. Check out my blog. :)

Lisa D.

Girl you are going to put Ms. Martha out of business. LOL!!! Love everything you did!


I read somewhere (can't remember where, so I can't cite the source) that "There is no ONE way to be a perfect mother, but there are a million ways to be a great one." As a striving perfectionist myself, this quote has completely changed my outlook on motherhood. Thought I'd share.

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