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Kelly R

Hi Heidi-
Love the headbands.
Bummer about the layouts.
If I had a dollar for everytime I've spilt coffee all over my desk I'd be a rich woman.
(and yet I sit here with a coffee...living dangerously!)
Hope you have a great weekend


Bobbi-Jo Grunewald aka bobbijo_g

Great idea for the headbands. Sorry about the 'water" incident - ugh! Good think you've got a blog to write your frustrations. Doesn't it help you feel better about things? Maybe you'll even improve on the layouts the 2nd time around!


Yes, Heidi! Seen these ADORABLE ribbons in the store, and have bought a couple! What a great idea for people like me who love ribbon and tend to collect it. :) I will DEFINITELY once again, have to copy you! ;)


I love the head bands. We grew out my daughters bangs last summer, its hard! Summer is the perfect time to do it though. Bummer about the water! Where is the best place to find your products in Utah, or online? I never seem to get a good selection and then I see some on your site and wonder where or where they are? Utah should have a ton of them!


Hey their Heidi- CUTE HEADBANDS! Now if only I had a little girly to put them on... My boys wouldn't go for that I'm sure!

What lens do you have on your canon? (Can you tell I'm itching for a new lens?)


You are such a tease Heidi!!


Very cute hairbands Heidi! Sooooo sorry to hear about your layouts - been there,done that! They always look so sad though so you really can't stay mad at them (at least not for long - lol!) Can't wait to hear about the new stuff - I have TONS of Heidi Swapp all through my scrapbooks *grin*


These headbands are ADORABLE! You're so creative... :)


ohmygosh you are just too cutsie for words! I have the same problems with headbands. That and they always slip and drive me nuts. So sorry about the layouts. The closest I've ever gotten to that is once I was doing my 2 year old's Annual picture and left it out. He got to it with some of my decorative scissors and started cutting away. I was able to incorporate his "two years old and good at it" example into the layout, so it worked out for the best. But I was pretty ticked at first! ;)

Jolene George

Dang-it! So sorry about the ruined layouts. That would have put me in a bad mood too.
Loving the matching custom headbands. Wish I had a daughter for stuff like that. So fun! Will have to look at Scrapbooks Etc for your pretty new ribbon.

Kelly Slattery

sorry to hear about your layouts Heidi...my son Raven has drawn on a couple of mine cheeky monkey! LOVE the headbands, must make some for my daughter!!! Too cute!!


Sorry to hear about the water accident!! Can't wait to see your new stuff!


Love the headbands! That is a great idea.

Looking forward to seeing the new stuff! So sorry to hear about your accident.

Have a great weekend!

Sandy McTier

Headbands by Heidi....I'd buy some! Let me know when you start selling them or I'm gonna make a few from your ribbons for my neices! Fabulous idea.
A clean scrapbook room sounds divine - wish mine were clean and organized. Sorry to hear about the 3 LO's with water on them!


I'm still surprised that I found your blog, you're like a celebrity. :P Anyway, way cute headbands. I'm growing my hair out as well & have the same issue with headbands. That looks like a sewing project even I could do, though I'd buy one if they were available. Your little girl's birthday party looked so cute & I love that centerpiece idea.


Bummer about the ruined layouts
and as for the headbands -- I would totally bid on the ebay auction -- those are too cute :D


Oh no, sorry to hear about your layouts, hate it when things like that happen!

Love the headbands and ribbon, they are awesome, hope to see some of them in a store soon!!

Duane Brown

My wife loves to collect ribbon too. She bought a long thin dowel and had me put up three cup hooks to set it on. She puts her smaller ribbon rolls on that so whenever she needs some ribbon she jus goes to the roll she wants and pulls some off. For the bigger thicker ribbon we bought a circle base at walmart and I drilled a hole in the center for a bigger dowel and she just slides the ribbon onto that. Both ways came out really cool. How close are you to Turf Paradise? Thats where I used to ride for awhile.


Adorable...my girls (and I!) would love them as we all suffer from the headband-headache. Someone might have said this already: You wouldn't need to get matching elastic if you center the flower over the elastic or nearby (the flower might not stay adhered as long if you glue it to the elastic...not sure)...and I don't think it would matter to have the elastic not in the back of one's head...


As far as the elastic goes, you could always use clear elastic. It is generally right with the other elastics in the fabric stores. Love the idea!


Cute as pie headbands! Wanted to share my art tray...a la YOU!!! http://blogfork.blogspot.com/2007/05/053107.html We even printed out the photo you posted and took it into Target with us. Thanks for being so cool and inspirational. Fun!!!

kim Loewen

Those headbands are so cute! I need to make some for my short hair...an easy summer thing! I get headaches too from the headbands I buy at stores, but for whatever reason I keep buying them. I never thought to make my own! I can't wait to see what new product is coming!!!!


Geez woman, don't you have enough money? give me a break!


Oooh, these are gorgeous!!

Charin Reed

Those are adorable! :) You should check Etsy out! That would be a great place to sell your headbands! Here's their site...

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