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The headbands... beyond adorable.
The layouts... I'm sure they were fab.
The water... $@$%@#!!!!!


when i make ribbon headbands, i fold the 2 ends of the ribon over a hair elastic and sew the folds over. (Hard to explain by typing!!) but it works pretty well. The elastics may not be as obvious as white elastic. yours are CUTE, though! i love the flowers!!


The headbands are so cute, you definitely could sell them on etsy. I love etsy.

Bobbie Powell

Love the headbands, wow with all the new ribbon the possibilities are endless!

Tasra Dawson

So cute and such a great summer idea! I get the same headache from wearing tight headbands, so maybe my daughter and I can give this a try. She's been wanting to do more sewing projects! Thanks for keeping it real!



OMG I was thinking this the other day about making my own headbands...I love to wear them but like you I get headaches from some of them.

I even bought some of your cute ribbon to maybe make me a few for CE! we will see how far I get with that...I really think it would be cute thou.

Sorry about the layouts! glad they are coming back together.


super cute girl ... of course i'll have to make a zillion with all the girls in my house! LOL

Kylie Tout

These are way too cute my little girl would love these great idea!!!!

Lyn Meeker

Love the headbands! .. On the elastic .. why not use colored markers to match the colors? (or would that rub off?) I do like the idea of using the small already covered hair elastics .. Although I don't recommend it - since chemo earlier in the year .. I have that Mia Farrow look going for me right now .. I think this will be my favorite hair summer yet! ... NO MAINTENANCE!... Although a cute headband might make a cute accessory for special occasions! (Oooohhh off to check out my stash of ribbon .. and I just received my CE Ribbon Swapp envelope yesterday!)


I wonder Heidi if you could send me one of your headbands to see if I could make them. My daughter always complains of the headbands being too tight or scratchy. Thanks :)


Sooooo cute!!!!

Suzanne Cummard

Turned out cute, of course.
I just sewed some for my daughter & me earlier this week, so I laughed as I started reading this.
Mine are just plain.. Ribbons & Lace (on Main & Lindsay) has the best selection, & they have a wide elastic (in cute colors) that is being disc. by the manufacture. My daughter loves them! I am excited, because I have seen so many girls wearing these kinds of headbands, dressed up or dressed down!

Cindy Keery

What a beautiful idea - thanks for sharing!


Oooo I love the headbands. This would be a great project with my nieces! Thanks for the awesome idea.
Sorry to hear about the LO's. I had that happen once with cappucino. I saved the LO actually! The background was originally a white one but turned a neat cappucino brown. Which was perfect. It matched the chatterbox chateau papers way better, LOL! Nice save huh.
Hopefully you get something figured out for them. Have a great day!!


I just have to say thank you for coming out with a 9x9 album! You made my day. Seriously. I just ordered some from Target! Thanks Heidi!


cute headbands! You and your friend, I think her name is Emily always have THE cutest haircuts! I guess living in AZ. Ya have to keep it short! Do you get it cut in AZ., I live in San Diego, maybe perchance you get it cut here?!?! Always have to Heidi Swapp in a layout of mine!!

Cococupcake Designs

I agree those ribbons are soo cute and the colors are great.


Love these! What a fun way to look cute and eep that hair out of my face.

Cindy Keery

I made some of these head bands today and just blogged about it! Thanks so much for the great idea. Here's my post:



what fun head bands. your mom told me about your blog, thought i might enjoy it! looks like lots of fun, i think i'm going to enjoy poking around! i love the pics of your little girl walking... lots and lots of fun!

Shoebuy.com Coupons Chick

I love headbands and they are definately a prerequisite for the summer.

Term Papers

Summer is the perfect time to do it though. Bummer about the water! Where is the best place to find your products in Utah, or online?

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