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Wow! Sounds pretty incredible!!! Wish I could scuba dive at the GREAT BARRIER REEF!!! Woo Hoo for Eric!! :) I bet you are going to be SO glad to have him home again! 17 days is a LONG time! :)


Glad to hear that it all worked out. I bet you and the kids are going to be really glad to see him! Enjoy!

nancy in ks

There is NEVER a dull moment at the swapps'. very sorry to hear about the ear situation...prayers for complete recovery. He will have to try that trip again.

kim Loewen

So sad about your hubby! Glad to hear he's okay and coming home! It will be so nice to have him back I'm sure. And he'll probably really enjoy the clean and organized house! hehe!

Melanie LaVergne

Sounds like quite the adventure for your hubby. Glad to hear he'll be back safe & sound in AZ soon.
Your organizational/cleaning approach sounds so much like me it's scary. I do exactly the same thing. Start a hundred different places and hardly finish one. I spent the day doing banking, (hate it with a passion - can't wait till we hire a bookkeeper!). I can relate.
Now I will take a break and work on my Mother's Day magnet boards for my mom & MIL.
Thanks for sharing,



It was a pleasure ... and actually SO MUCH FUN! i am sad they are gone ....

Wendy H

I'm so glad your hubby is coming home tonight!

I saw you on QVC and you did a great job and you look so darn cute pregnant! Your products are so cute! I have a HEIDI SWAPP drawer! We were at the zoo Saturday, so I couldn't scrap or watch it - thank goodness for our DVR (like Tivo).

Anywho, good for you on letting your cleaning lady in your scrap room, I'm sure it will still be a LONG while before I will let mine in my scrap room!!!


So glad Eric made it home... life is definatly better with the other half around! Grateful you made it with your sanity somewhat in check! lots of love!


Sounds like my life...single parenthood can be hard; my husband is a USMC Marine and deploys quite frequently.
Hope his ear is better!

diane mcvey

Oh, what a bum thing to happen to Eric on his trip! So sorry! But I'm very happy that he's home with you now, and that you and the kids have "Daddy" back!!! I'm sure they were ECSTATIC!!! (and you too) We don't get QVC here in "nowhere nebraska", but I know you did a great job! Three cheers for having your hubby home!!!

Shannon Lowe

Sheesh! Who would have ever known? You are the queen of cool!
So glad Eric was able to come home to you. Enjoy your clean house and your husband!

katie in NZ

I hope Eric is recovered fully soon! The Barrier reef is gorgeous, lucky he got 3 days to enjoy it first! How great for you to have him home, my husband travels abroad a lot for work and I know just how that void feels while they are gone, especially when they get sick and you can't help! Your blog is such an inspiration to me. Enjoy your beautiful family. x

Kris with a K

I can totally relate to what happened to you! A few years ago, when my (now 15,13 and 11yo) kids were younger, my hubby Joe went to Germany for work. Although this all ended up cutting his trip much shorter, it was scary: he woke up one morning, drank some coffee and burned half of his tongue. just half. he then realized that the left side of his face was numb, and he couldn't speak well. he thought he'd had a stroke (at about age 41). he went to a German dr, who suggested "infusions," due to a language issue. joe decided instead to fly home asap. i picked him up at the airport, scared out of my mind, and with a broken bone in my foot. we went straight to the ER, him talking out of one side of his droopy face and me limping...quite a pair! long story short, they did the testing needed, including ekg and mri, and found that he had a case of SHINGLES of all things, that settled in his inner ear and had grabbed a hold of his facial nerve! he recovered just fine.

i myself once had an ear infection settle in my inner ear, and it knocked the 'rocks' that are in there to tell your body where you are in space (tilted, etc) and keep you balanced all out of place. it took months and some lasix water pills to get the infection drained out. i felt like i was in the villains' hideouts on the old Batman series!

good health wishes, and enjoy that ultra clean house!!

Lydell Quin

I know how you feel being home without the emotional support..... While your husband has been here in Australia, my hubby has been in America. He gets home from a three week stint tomorrow morning, and are we looking forward to it! Glad Eric got home safely, and I hope he heals well.

Angie Nichalson

Hi Heidi. Glad Eric will be home safe and sound for you and your family. I ALSO do what you did with the laundry basket. I get tired of things not in their places, so I gather all things in a basket and then put them where they belong (or stash them as well.) CLUTTER drives me nuts but I can't seem to get away from it with little ones. Angie


SOOOO glad Eric is back on the North American continent safe and sound.... we have missed him too and have been so worried; we just weren't sure who to be the most worried about -- him, down under or you, at home! I hope Capri remembers him!

Jamie ~ Alabama

Wow! That sounds like quite an ordeal.

Glad to hear that your family will be all in 1 spot again this week.

Think you might be nesting? I get really bad when I am pregnant. :)

Alannah Jurgensmeyer

Poor Eric! What a sucky thing to happen and while on the best dive trip of a lifetime!! I imagine he was really disappointed besides being in agony over the ear injury. Hope he got to see some cool sharks before the ear happened. And the 30 hr train trip....what an ordeal! I bet he was as glad to be back on home soil as you were to have him here :)


Kris w/ a K! My DH is experiencing this now...first, Bell's Palsy (he had a minor concussion) and then it became Ramsay Hunt's Syndrome. We are in the middle of treatment. Yesterday, he had dizziness and the ETN specialist prescribed Meclizine to stablize the dizziness caused by the inner ear...obviously I am no doctor but it worked for him. Today, he's sitting up & happier :0)

On another note...Heidi, I met your cousin (Kristy) in Chicago during the Christmas holidays. I believe she was visiting relatives (her mom?). I was working for an LSS in Naperville and she came in with her mom. We had a nice chat. Haven't kept up with the result of the vote but hope she's doing well!

MargieH in Chicago


Wow. What a big accomplishment to have your cleaning lady into your scraproom. You must feel so proud.


Entire family home; no dust; full pantry - Life is good.


Count your blessings! At least your husband is not deployed to Iraq for 6 months.


Glad your other half is OK. Maybe the ear thing was to keep him out of the water AWAY from sharks?...I believe things happen 4 a reason. I'm with U on the garbage thing--I've been doing it for 3 yrs now and I hate it when I forget!
Happy Family Reunion!

Lyn Dwyer

So glad Eric is back safely....nothing worse than being ill on holidays across the other side of the world.
My hubby and I are going on a CARGO SHIP that leaves from CAIRNS to the top of AUSTRALIA in late September.....can't wait to see the Great Barrier REEF.......even though we live in Australia we have never been to the top Eastern side.


Jolene George

A really clean house WITH food is the BEST! Nothing makes me happier than that.
I'm so glad Eric is home. I can't imagine how aweful this must have been for him...as well as you at home worrying about him. http://jolenegeorge.blogspot.com/

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