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Way cool idea, I am copying it ASAP. Much cuter than the shoe box with everything mixed up and broken, and missing lids that I usually have around.


Very cute idea!

I saw that adorable tray at Target this morning.

Hope you and your family have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!

Jamie ~ Alabama


That is SUCH a fabulous idea! That whole polka-dot/candy line at Target has me drooling every time I see it. Going to buy this tonight & do it for my little ones (and okay, myself, too!). :)


Hope you and your family enjoy your Dream Dinner meals. We don't have DD's around here but we have other places that are the same thing. Let me tell ya. They are a total lifesaver. My hubby and I are always getting food from there. It's so quick and easy. Well worth the $$. Enjoy!

Tam in Tx


I am so doing this for a birthday present for a little girl next month! Thanks for sharing all your fabulous ideas!!!


wow loved this idea it is absolutely fabulous....mine is already set up and my kids havent left the table for over an hour ....i added the cute candy placement under the tray off to the side a little so you can see how cute the candy and polka dots look and of course had to put candy necklaces in one of the cups....heidi you are awesome thanks for all your heart and soul you put into your work and products !!!!!!!

Karen K

Oh so cute. I love this idea for me, but I'm going to set it up in my department (I manage a Creative Service department) -- I want to get them away from their Macs and get their hands dirty! Thanks Heidi!

PS Of course, I'll have to make this for my own studio! haha


Gotta love the smarties in there and yummy candy.~hee

Great set up......love it! So full of color and looks like so much fun. TFS!

PROLIX from la Normandie

itsa paradise island!!!


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}
artsy english-français blog


Hah! Brilliant! Especially for living in AZ and needing some indoor downtime activities! Thanks!


Love it! I am going to be doing this also. I have all our stuff hidden in the closet and with the hot AZ weather, it's nice to have something fun out at all times. Thanks for the great ideas. You are a fabulous person, keep it up!


This is a fabulous idea...I may have to copy!!
;) Thanks for always having something cute to share!

Kristina Lewis

I love it! Thanks for posting this, how inspiring!

kerry davis

I am totally going to Target to copy your centerpiece!!
Your new garage doors ROCK - they are so elegant looking, I really love 'em.
Are you keeping your baby boy's name a secret??? I'm dying to know what it is. I love, love, love the name Capri. . . Okay, and if you *are* keeping it a secret, you can just send me an e-mail and I promise not to tell. ~ Gosh, I am really not some crazed Heidi Swapp stalker. =)


Ha, I almost bought one of these trays to alter as a gift for your B-day...glad I didn't now. We must B on the same wavelength! Great idea!


That is so much fun!


Hmmmmm, lovely pens and sweeties, what a fab combination!!!



I love that idea for the island!! How creative - I know my kids will totally enjoy it! Guess I'm off to Target to get some supplies - thanks for sharing this awesome idea!!

sara's art house

So cute!!!!!!


That would look GREAT in my new school room. Thanks for the inspiration.


I love this - and I think my daughter would love it too. When I first saw it, I thought it was on a Lazy Susan - that way you could just spin it around to get what you want. :)


I love that idea. I did something similar for my art stuff. I just bought a lazy susan and put my art supplies just like that in cups. I love it b/c everything is right at my reach.

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