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Good luck with everything. July baby is great...my boy was born in July too and now he is going to be 4 soon. WOW...time flies! Good luck with those small babies....you earned having time on the couch...your a busy gal and pregnant! Enjoy your time with new baby and family.


Wow can't believe it is only 2 weeks away
her tiny feet are so CUTE -- makes me want a little one

please post pics if/when you redo the nursery - I loved seeing pics last time :D

Julia Budd

I'm a 7/7 birthday too, at 7pm! Sadly not as recently as I'd like!! I'd like to echo what a great day it is; people remember and enjoy the 'unusualness' of the date for you. Fun. You sound ready girl. Take care.

However Although

I love your blog. And I've never commented, but I'm sorry, those toes and those sandals have motivated me to comment this morning. They are the CUTEST! I have said more than once that it might be worth having a baby just so I could look at those cute feet for a while.


Great Birthday 7-7-7

My DS is 6 right now, his birthday is December 12th...so the year he turns 12 the date will be 12-12-12. I'm playing the lottery that day!LOL

Good Luck and Best wishes with the new Babe!

diane mcvey

Oh, those precious little toes! Such cute little feet, and Capri is totally ADORABLE!!! Can't wait 'til your new little guy gets here...how fun! You have a BEAUTIFUL family, and the two newest (well, almost!) have to be such a joy to all of you! You are amazing, and so blessed...and you deserve it! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Kim Griffin

AAAWWWWW...i miss baby toes! my little guy is 5 already, don't bother much now with toe kissing...unless he just had a bath!
our house numbers are 777...i felt they were lucky when we bought the house, and we've been very happy and blessed here. if this does indeed end up being the birthdate, i hope your new little man will have many happy blessings with his lucky numbers too!


good luck on 7/7/07!!!!
can't wait to see your little cutiepie!

Kim Oddo

You are sooooooooo amazing to me! Where do you get this energy? I JUST found out I am having a lil surprise myself! My 3 will all be 22 mo. apart and that FREAKS me out, but if ANYONE can pull this off it will be you!


I always admire you from afar... but I had to comment for several reasons... #1 We LOVE LOVE LOVE the amazing and gorgeous garage doors your husband does!!! I showed them to my husband and he called the company to find out what we could do about getting some of those beauties... we live in Michigan and apparently we are the first to have inquired from the Great Lakes State! Also, your family is darling!!! I just had to comment on the irony of the 7-7 date! My daughter, Kennedy was born on 7-7-03, she weighed 7 lbs. 7 oz. A few minutes after giving birth, in my delirious state, I looked up at my husband and I said, "Oh my gosh!!! She weighed 7/7, on the 7th day of the 7th month." To top it all off, the name we had chosen for her has 7 letters in it, we have a cat named "Seven" because he has 7 toes on his two front paws and also my husband bought and gave to me a diamond ring that has 7 diamonds in it on the birth of our daughter (and he had bought the ring 4 months prior)! So nonetheless, a 7-7-07 birthday for your little darling is definitely way cool! When we tell people "our lucky 7" story, they just grin. She will be 4 in a couple of weeks and as much as I don't want her to grow up, I am already looking forward to her golden birthday when she turns 7 on the 7th! Much love and happiness to you and your family! ;o)

Shirley Fyfe

Oh wow Heidi- only 2 weeks to go! Good luck and can't wait to see those first little baby shots!

kim Loewen

I am so excited for CE! I love Capri's little shoes!!!


Growing up I had a friend who's birthday was 7/7/77... I always thought that would be the neatest birthday!


Em--you look AMAZING! What is the name of the plan? I would LOVE to ask my m.d. about it? Post here or email me, please!

Love those pictures of Capri's curls...what a cutie patootie!


7/7/70 is my birthday! So maybe he will be the inverse of me. : )


IDEA . . . If your little bundle of fireworks is born on the 4th, can you PLEASE call him Sparky???? It would be just like you to nickname a kid that!!! I hope you don't take offense . . . I truly love it! Sparky Swapp . . . .I see fame in his future!


You look FABULOUS for being ready to deliver! The first photo, you may be hiding a little, but you look FABULOUS!!!

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