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Brandi Ginn

So what "C" name (or "C" sounding name) are you going to name this baby?


Can't wait for more details on Club Heidi. I am definitely signing up for Creative Escapes next year - had a conflict with a vacation already planned for this year (bummer). You don't look like a crazy lady - just a woman who loves her family and by the way cute as a button doing it! Have a great dry run today! Love, love, love you and your products!

Kathryn (aka kate)

I get the whole looks thing... my girls are 16 months apart and I got all of the looks and comments. You look great! I can wait to see your new addition, Capri is growing up so quick and she is such a cutie!!
I can't wait for the monthly kits!
I am sure they will be fantastic... just like all of your other fun goodies!

Cyndi Hoehn

I am excited to hear about the club kits! I can't wait to see what you'll come up with - I just know it will be FAAAB-u-LOUS!!

Kim Griffin

can't wait to see and hear more about the kits...how exciting!
you and capri look perfectly cute in this picture...if only she knew what is about to happen in a few short weeks!!!

Sandy Gargano

So happy about the kit!
Since CKU Albums (CT)I was hoping you would do something ALL HEIDI.
I cannot afford to fly out for the Creative Escapes- although I would adore it!
So this is sort of like the next best thing.
Be well- you look great even that preggers!

kim Loewen

The picture of you and Capri is adorable! And I'm so excited about the kits! Will we be able to purchase them here in Canada? I sure hope so!!!

Tanya Webster

you are unbelievable....I seriously wish I looked that good having my fourth, let alone fifth....you look AMAZING and you might be crazy all right....crazy in love!! :)


beautiful picture of you and capri! excited to hear & see more about the kits!!!


You are amazing. I just have to say that. Encouragement isn't encouragement, unless spoken right? I'm in awe at how you can have the family you do, be in the state you're in (you look GREAT BTW), and have all these new and fabulous things in the works. How do you do it? Thanks thanks thanks from your adoring fans! Can't wait to see the goodies (baby and scrapping). :)

Jolene George

Well I think you look adorable! Let the people stare. :o) I can't wait to see the new Heidi Club kits. Do you plan to only do one page kits or will you be doing and 2 page layouts?



Looking forward to seeing the Club Heidi kits...I just hope I get one in time! :) And let the people stare, they're probably jealous about how gorgeous you are and the adorable kids you have! Still now sure how you manage it all...you're always amazing me! Take care!


you both look so adorable!!
i can't wait to see more about the kit :)


I can't WAIT to see these, your product seriously ends up on everything I do..in some way or another!


Don't you love having that baby shelf? It makes carrying the other one around a little easier--I think that extra kid weight on top helps make labor/delivery easier...at least that's how it worked out for me. Beautiful picture. Sure wish I could be there to support the teachers at CE. I stayed here specifically to be available as a CEvolunteer. Last year you said you wanted to keep CE Local--wondering why you R flying others in when you have good help right here?


so excited about creative escape AND the kits. yay!!!

Roni S

I can't wait to see these kits! You guys look so precious! love it


You are glowing! And Capri is just too cute! I wish I could get to the Escape...but maybe next year.

Can't wait for more news on the club - this is going to be wonderful! :)


Oh Beautiful Heidi! Love that you are blessed. You need not worry about what people are thinking. Look at that belly.... How cute you look w/ that precious Capri. I have a 16mo old Madigan Claire she's our million dollar baby and boy do I wish I could have another one.
We live on the East coast will you ever be bringing the classes this way? (saving for the next million dollar baby) :)
I am excited to hear about the kits....just means
****I'll have to be quick w/ an order July 1st.****
Valerie in PA

Victoria B

beautiful pic of u & capri! will the kits be available for us aussie fans to purchase? thanks, luv tori


My daughter Isla has the same outfit...Gymboree, right? Hard to find nice clothes for baby, I scour the web....

Dondi Murdock

Of course you are crazy! To have two babies at one time; that is absolutely nuts. The big important point, however, is that you aren't dangerous. You are a loving mother married to a loving husband who is a loving father. You have happy children. That is viewed by nuts by many people in the world. But dangerous, never! You won't have one single second to be bored so you can cross that worry off your list. What a great life your new son will have!


You look great, Heidi. And I am excited with the kits coming our way. Although I won't be doing much scrapbooking in the near future with a new job and moving about a week away. I won't have much space to do anything! LOL!!


I know those looks well nowdays. Got a few today as I was out with my 10 month old being 6 months pregnant. You look fabulous though! The toughest part of the whole being pregnant with a little one is the lifting thing- When Anna wants me to pick her up and hold her it gets to be a bit much. I can do it once in a while, but it's like she can tell she's going to have a baby brother soon and so she wants all I have to give right now.

As for your monthly kit club, well that is super exciting! Can't wait to see what you come up with! So fun!


I have two set of "Irish Twins" that are 12 months apart. I alway figured people felt sorry for me not losing my baby weight!

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