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Alison Shearer

This is just stunning - one of the best displays I have ever seen!



so beautiful i want this in my house!!!


If you want to see more check out Tracy's blog today. It shows pictures of the whole store including the sitting area and crop rooom. (Each crop area has it's own tool bin, Basic Grey magnetic mat, and Pink cutter)

Leslie L.

Amazing!! SO WISH I lived close enough to go there! SO WISH that was my store! Ha!


Heidi - I'm stopping in later this afternoon to check it out. It's just 22 miles from my house and conveniently on the way to my boyfriend's house! I'll take photos and share! ~ V

Katherine Langner


I went to that store today and it is absolutely amazing. I never knew you had so many products! Of course, I bought several. Tracy truely outdid herself. Her ideas came to life and it is awesome!

She asked how I heard about her store and I told her about your blog. She said that she wished you had warned her about it being on your blog and she laughed. She got quite the rush of customers from it. So nice of you to do that. She was really honored and humbled that you took time to do it.

I have to say that that the store is amazing and seeing it in person is incredible!

Good luck with the baby!


erin yamabe

my gf just moved to houston and two days later was almost living there LOL
she said it is beautiful! can't wait to see it!

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