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I love that your Dad has pink sunglasses... No wonder you're such a style maven!


so cool!!!

Leslie Lienemann

awwwhhh...that's so tender that your dad sent you pink sunglasses! What a sweet dad you have. They look great on you! You're bound to make some speed in those things!

Regina Ponce

Ahhh how sweeeeeeeet of your dad! That would make my day too..hugs...


Love your self portrait, ans those cute glasses lucky girl. Pretty in pink. Have a great day.

Colleen E

Awww...gotta love your dad. Now that's one to sb!


great glasses!!!

susan m

Heidi you rock in those pink shades and you'll be up to speed in no time

Looking good girl

just me

Ok.... seriously now.... don't ya ever just get sick and tired of taking pictures of yourself? And yak, yak, yak, all about YOU CRAP?! Lordy.... enough already!


shoot you look fast already ... i can just imagine blacky going off like a cracker ... ahhhhh! super cool surprise!!!!!

Susan in NY

Heidi, those shades are waaaayyy cool!!! You may not be fast now, but you're gonna need 'em when you're chasing after two toddlers! Your Dad sounds awesome!! Susan
P.S. to "Just Me"(interesting name, btw) This is what a blog is, silly...a place where the author posts about whatever THEY want to. You should try it sometime, I'm sure we'd all love to read about YOUR fascinating life.
Until then, Heidi, you just keep being who YOU are. Thx for sharing!

Wanda E. Santiago

You look awesome and your Dad must really know how special you are. Blessing to you Heidi. I miss ya!! Hugs Wanda

Melody Brown, Cape Town

You inspire me,my 3rd is Caprice's age and I am so tempted to have a fourth. My hubby is desparate for fourth......Hmm, but then I would have to change my blog from five-browns to six-browns.....will have to evaluate! ;))


Lookin' good Heidi! What a sweet and thoughtful dad you have. It's so nice to get those unexpected little gifts every once in awhile. :)

kim Loewen

Cute glasses! And love that your dad bought you PINK ones! What nice surprise!!!


Very fun. Pink anything makes you happy, I believe. Happy Father's Day to your thoughtful Dad, Heidi. ANd to the awesome "E" behind the Swapp...that partners with you in life helping you balance and juggle it all...so that the rest of us creative types get in on your ideas and products too! Dads like the ones in your life deserve a big thanks and a bit of appreciation. SO, thanks to them...from me. Don't lose/break those glasses anytime soon! =)


The youngest of my three baby girls is now nearly fifteen and as we were walking through Macy's the other day she saw the PinK Hamilton Beach mixer and announced that she was going to have an entirely pink kitchen...guess who I immediately thought of !! Have a happy day, Heidi. A


AAAaaaawwwwww.......What a wonderful Daddy you have!!! So very toughtful.

Delaney Gates

Aw, happy mail is always the best!

Cyndi Hoehn

He soooo deserves an awesome Father's Day!!! Very nice thing to do - you are loved (by many hee hee)

diane mcvey

That is SO SWEET! And cool! And pretty!!! You look darling in them, now get a good hard-shell case for them, so you don't smash them!!! Have a wonderful weekend :)

jessica T.

Perfect. I always get cheap sunglasses because they don't survive long between me and my children! Seems like you got the gift for Fathers Day instead of the other way around. Here's cheers for Fathers!!

PROLIX from la Normandie


glasses so cool!!!
so trendy!

have fun!

bon weekend!


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}
artsy english-français blog

Le Anne Bull

all right girlie... how was the dry run? i'm sooo looking forward to september and meeting you for the first time. can't for all the cute stuff to come up that we can pre order......
cute glasses *wink wink
le anne bull


So why did sourpuss even bother to come to the blog in the first place? i visit this
blog TO see pictures of you and read about
what you are doing. what in the world else
WOULD you talk about????

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