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I can't see how much or what is included. It won't let you scroll down.


Love it! I can't wait for July 2nd!! Very exciting. I'm one of those who struggles to find your product, so this is great!!! :)


Looks cool! How much is international shipping going to be?


Looks great! I can't wait!! :) How much is shipping in the US?


I would love to buy it but how much is shipping to Sweden? I didn't join your Big Picture Class due to the shipping costs!

Norma Cruz

I am so excited!!!!! I love your products Heidi.

beth j

looks awesome! cute photo of you, capri, and the little one. ;)

Sue Bone

I'd also like to know the shipping to the UK



I so excited for this! Thanks for doing this. Good luck with the new little. As a mother of twins, you will do great. They will bring more joy to your life they you can predict!


Sounds fabulous. Do you ship overseas?


looks fantastic, cant wait to get my hands on it, just love your products.

Janelle Wind

Hi Heidi, These kits look wonderful - I am in Australia and was wondering if you will be posting to Australia and if so - do you know how much postage will be??


Another query on international postage - please let us know if international postage is available and how much. I am in Europe!


Great Idea section. I already have most of the kit contents for this month, but I will be looking forward to next month. CONGRATS! Another new venture. PS - Both you and Em look fantastic. I'm going to check out the Doctor Link...thanks so much for sharing the info. With my hormones slowing down I need Xtra help.

Yvette Adams

I'm so excited about Club Heidi! It looks awesome!!! I have so much of your stuff and I'm always open to receive more inspiration. :)

Yvette Adams

me again :) I'm also wondering how much shipping would be to Australia.

Jen M.

I don't see the button that says July. It just opens up a picture of the logo.



I see that spray paint was used. Any particular brand? Which one is ok for SBs? Help! I love that technique.


Love it!

I do want to say is that I would have never known to click the "July Button" to see the kit if you would have not posted it on your blog. It doesn't look like a button at all, it just looks like part of the page.

Your new website is smashing baby! I am very exciting you are doing this. These kits are going to sell like Hot Cakes, great idea!


You have done it again - another perfect example of how to run a business and keep us on our toes!!! I am one of your Year To Remember BPS students and I have totally fallen in love with your products. I now have a bin specifically labeled "Heidi" that is brimming with goodies. Keep up the good work. AND...good luck with your upcoming delivery. I am thinking about you.


I would LOVE to participate as well... as long as it ships to Canada. Looking forward to it.

Victoria B

hi :) just wondering how much shipping to australia will be? postage is the most expensive part!!! luv the kit! luv tori


I love the kit, i would love to buy it but can you list the shippingcosts for international buyers on your Page..! Im from Germany..and really want to have this kit.. ;-)

Greets Jen


very exciting!

Miriam Kaye

Love your idea Heidi :D

I too live in Australia and would like to know how much shipping will be? Couldn't find anywhere on the kit site about international shipping.

Take care always,

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