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sarah the kiwigirl

Emily you look absolutely FAN BL**DY TASTIC!!! - what a transformation, how inspiring you are...so glad I didn't have that savoury for morning tea....well done, you look great!

laura t.

wowzers em...you look so great!!! What's the name of the diet...do tell!

and I am so sour about the t-shirts - they are incredibly adorable...I went to CE last year and couldn't swing it for this year...wah wah wah for me...but so great for the lucky gals going this year.

keep up the great work em!

catherine feegel-erhardt (Memory Makers Master  2007)

Heidi, please forward to Emily...
W O W !!!!!!!!!!
great job! You look amazing! I did like 3 double takes before reading... "is that Emily?"... " It looks like her...." "That has to be her!"...
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!!!!!!!!!!!
You must tell us Or just ME.. the diet...
This is motivating!
You should be so proud!
Oh and BTW Heidi..love the tee and hat.


Wow! Emily you look wonderful. Way to go.


omg, emily you look fantastic and I'm soooo DYING to know what kind of diet this is. Please send me info? I totally need to lose 60 lbs too!

Maria Hanson

Emily looks WONDERFUL!!!! Big congrats.


HOLY MOLY! She looks like a totally different person! Not that she wasn't adorable before but wow she looks truly amazing.

Rebecca Gawryl

Emily looks fabulous. If we all could have that kind of motivation!

Love, love, LOVE the T-shirts. I'm praying that they will be available in plus sizes because I would love to have one. The problem is that even shirts never come in plus sizes. They are usually plus size men's shirts, which don't work for women. Please, please, please consider us not so small girls!!

Every time I read your blog, I get a little more excited about CE. Can't wait!!!


Emily looks beautiful--- please share the name of the program so we can look into for ourselves. It is great to see someone real that it worked for not an infomercial

and the shirts are great to but like another commenter-- will they be plus sized too?

Kiera Black

Em looks great and I love her hair! She's incredible... what dedication.

Lisa Bracale

Love the shirts and Wow Emily looks great. Please, please pretty please share some info on that diet. I would love to drop 40 pounds. I love my Raspberry Martini's too much though and I suppose no liquor allowed. Wish you would bring a CE to the East Coast.



great job Em!!! thats so awesome! I need to stop having babies! lol. What is the name of the diet? I just started back on WW but would love to get back into something else :) thanks!

Kim Langston

Emily looks fantastic. I was thinking she had lost some weight looking at the model poses even before reading the diet comments. Looking sweet Emily! Keep it up girl!

Debbie Cook

me too! i want to try it!! i have 8 weeks before a big trip, and wow, wouldn't i love to lose that 30 pounds thats been nagging me!
congratulations, emily! you look fabulous! and heidi...where's that baby!?!?

Jenn Luce

I have always thought that Emily is beautiful! Great Job!
I would LOVE more info on that diet! I need to lose some "baby" fat myself!
Good luck with your new addition Heidi! Have you thought of a name for the little guy? :) My favorite boy name right now is Campbell... just thought it would fit with all of your other kids names.


Em you look so good... I realy sould use more info on your new way of eating :) :)... Rock on Emily you look fantastic

oh I almost forgot shirts and hats are Sweet :)

Kim Archer

Emily looks fantastic!!! Well done!!!! And the tshirts look great too.

Julia Miller

Emily you look beautiful! YOu are an inspiration! Great Job! I know that takes a lot of heart and strength to do.


Love the shirts, Heidi, and I totally noticed Emily's great shape right when I saw the pics! Awesome job...so happy for her. I'll bet she feels great! Tell her I loved her before...but totally think she rocks for putting forth such effort and working so hard! I've been there... totally understand. And definitely have to say, Emily deserves a big congrats! Good luck with your baby countdown...and your gear up for Creative Escape 2!


Great job Emily! i have lost about 65 pounds in the past couple years and feel better than I ever have. I weigh 147 (same as what I weighed in the 8th grade!) it's awesome to buy small and medium shirts, huh? you look fantastic and I bet you feel great too! Congrats on sticking with it and being so dedicated.


Emily!!! I didn't realize that really WAS you in the top photo!! I thought that it looked like you, but it wasn't you.... BUT IT WAS!!!!!!!!!! As I read Heidi's blog, I realized that it is the NEW YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheri Colautti

Loving the shirts and the hats...
Can you please share some more details on the diet? I NEED to lose some weight and get healthier and would love to try something where you have seen the results!

Kerrie Gurney

Heidi the shirts look fantastic as does Emily when I looked at the photos i thought she looked like a shadow of her former self - then as I read your post .... I saw that I was thinking correctly.

Congratulations Emily - well done!!! I know how hard it is to stick to a strict diet. Take care and make sure you treat yourself to something really speical to celebrate the new you :)

Linds M

Jimeny Crickets Emily! You look beautiful. I'm in Heidi's Big Picture class and my goal was to lose thirty pounds. You are totally an inspiration to me to stick to my goal. Thanks so much!


Emily, wowzas! You are stunning! You rock!

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