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Susan in NY

Can't wait to get a T-shirt and visor! Sooooo Cute!! Emily, you look *H*O*T*!!! I'll have whatever she's having... ;o)


I thought that "looked" like Emily...but WOWZERS!!! Tell her congratulations!! not only does she look absolutely gorgeous, but how great to be taking such a positive hard step towards a healthy future at such a young age!!! WAY TO GO!!! and the shirts look great too!!

nancy in ks

Emily - YOU LOOK AMAZING! But more importantly I am so impressed with your self discipline. THAT is what is really amazing. (I just ate two pieces of chocolate cake, but you get to put on a size S tomorrow morning.)


I am so glad I went to your blog today. Emily looks amazing! I needed to see this to jump start me on a plan to lose weight. Would love to know more about the diet.

Peggy Lucas

WOW - I kept looking for Emily... and just have to say girl, you look totally FANTASTIC. Congratulations. You must be so proud of yourself. I am totally jealous!


No way do you post a pic like that and not give details about the diet!!! start sharing sister!!!!



WOW!! Emily and the shirts look gorgeous!!! Please share the name of the diet! It has taken me a year to lose 40 lbs, 60 lbs in 120 days, sign me up!!! Emily you look fabulous!!!!


that is amazing! it's so important to take good care of yourself....and emily looks great! you're a good support to her! j


took me a minute to figure out that was emily....i mean i read the entry and then read it again....HOLY COW!!!!!!
what a babe emily!!
you look incredible!!


Love, love the shirts!
Wtg, on the diet...you look fab!

shari anderson

I have struggled with my weight for so long, and nothing has worked...please let me know the diet....I can totally do protein & veggies....Em looks fantastic and the shirts are cutie too!!!


Heidi, these shirts are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!!

EM, WOW!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You should be so proud of yourself because you look great! It must have been a wonderful feeling seeing those pounds just melt away... Like everyone else, I'd be interested to know what kind of program you were on, but also (and more importantly?) what kind of exercise program did you engage in? Keep up the good work and you are the inspiration to many!!!


Emily!you look so beautiful! Oh please tell me how that can be possible to loose weight? You totally inspire me and give me hope, but I have to know how its done! Please, oh please share. Love the shirts too Heidi!


Yes, another poster asking for DIET name and info, links! How inspiring!

My big fear now is you will go into labor early and never answer our question.

I think I could do the all veggies and protein...if they'd let me pretend microwave popcorn was a veggie...No, I'd be willing to even give that up (God Help Me) to lose 60 lbs. I'd be at my pre-kids, wedding weight!


you look soooo good, em! great job! now i need to know what you are doing. i need to lse about 80 pounds so this could really help! you are such an inspiration!

Cheryl Sullivan

Alright, that is just plain evil to post Emily's results without details of what diet she is on! I am so happy for her, but I'm turning GREEN with envy! She is ROCKIN HOT. I would eat Spam for 120 days to lose that kind of weight, and there is nothing I hate more than the very thought of spam! LOL


she looks amazing....like a previous poster/comment i thought it was her, but had to take a double look...then when you mentioned her by name for the model....WOW is all i can say....WTG!!!

Robyn W - Australia

EMILY........you rock
lookin good

Alison Love

Way to go Em!! You're inspiring me, you seriously are!!

Norma Cruz

Emily, you look so flippin good. I'm proud of your acomplishment.


Emily looks great and so do the shirts/visors. Any new news on "Club Heidi"??? I keep checking back everyday with great anticipation!!!

Sharon Franolich

WOW Emily - that is really amazing. Congratulations!!!


Beautiful...Em....do you have a Blog?!?! And the haircuts are always sooo dang cute!!! Where's the salon!!!


Emily, congrats on the weight loss! You look so stinkin' cute. I hope all is well out your way!

P.S. If you are ever in the Sacramento area you have to come check out our new scrapbook store in town. It is called Green Tangerines, it is 10,000 sq. feet & awesome.

Mary Ann

WOW!!!! Emily looks awesome!! Way to go girlie!!!
Oh, and the T-shirts and visor are pretty cute too.
I still can't believe how wonderful Emily looks!!!!

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