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catherine feegel-erhardt (Memory Makers Master  2007)

i just can't believe this amazing transformation...EMILY! amazing! I have gone back to look at these photos several times... you looked beautiful before but OH MY GOODNESS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
P L E A S E spill the beans... what is this amazing diet.. YOU are such a motivation! Did you run nonstop like a hampster on her wheel at midnight?

kelly s

WOW! She looks amazing.
Please share the name of the diet!!!!

PROLIX from la Normandie


I love the american marketing for promoting products!!!
It's so cool and beautiful!!!
I never saw such a thing here!!!


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Dragon Flaire DT Member


Hey Heidi! Been a LOOOOONG time! I haven't been reading blogs for about 6 months and just decided to start back up again. I come here and WHOA! I see that photo and think, "is THAT EMILY?????" I noticed the change immediately!! Tell her she looks FANTASTIC and I wish her much continued success!! BTW, the t-shirts rock too! I'm not even attending and I still WANT a shirt!

Kim E

yep you guessed it...one more person wanting to know the name of the diet plan. Emily looks fantabulous!!!


when i first saw the photos...my thought was "is that Emily???" YES!! emily looks amazing!!!! what an inspriation....keep on rockin girl.


yes...please divulve the diet program...you look great and the shirts are soooo cool.


AMAZING!! Great job girl.

I also would love to know the diet so I can talk to my Dr. about it!

Alison Shearer

Emily look absolutely wonderful and very happy. Such an inspiration.



WOW!!! Emily looks FANTASTIC!!! AND if we can't go to the CE, could we still buy a shirt???? PLEASE :-)!!!


Yes, please spill the name of the program!!! I have been at this for almost a year and have lost 40 pounds but I still have a little more than 70 left to lose and would love to be able to check with my Dr. about this program.

Emily looks awesome! So cute in that visor and shirt!!


emily was beautiful before and now she is healthier!!! great job emily!

Angela Green

I'm sure everyone is posting the same thing above me, but you must share what this diet plan is! I know I want to look up more info on it and discuss it with my doctor.


Having seen lots of pics. of Emily on your website, I alway recognize her, but when you said Em was your model I scrolled back up to see her again. She looks so different and totally amazing! Good for her:)
Now THAT is inspriring!


Before even reading this, all I could do was see Emily and think WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Girl, you look fantastic. Many congrats.

Oh, and those t's are just adorable :)


***holy crap! good job Emily, for all the hard work you went throught to lose the weight, you really do look great! You are such a sweet girl! I looked at your pictures and completely forgot that I was looking at the new CE shirts!


OMG! Emily looks fantastic. I have been battling with extra weight for so long and would LOVE to know what diet she went on. The fact that it is doctor supervised is the best part. Please have her forward the information to me at the e-mail listed. Heidi keep up the great work! You rock!

Cindy Bosch

WOW!!!! Great job Emily!! You look fantastic!! I'm sure you feel great as well!! Love seeing "REAL" people succeed!
The t-shirts are very cool also!!
Looking forward to "Club Heidi"

Thanks - I love reading your blog!

Andria B.

WOW! I didn't even recognize her!!! Way tog GO EM! And the shirts look great too. Can't wait to wear mine at CE.

Adele Heuer

Wow, Emily! You look incredible!

Sara Amuso

Do tell! You HAVE to let us know about that diet so we can see if they have it locally! Em looks amazing! What an inspiration!


I would love to know what the name of the diet is so i could talk to my doctor about as well.


I would love to know about the diet. Emily looks great. Darling shirts

Kim Loewen

Emily you look AMAZING!!! That is so exciting that you found something that works for you! I am loving the shirts too!


Waaaay to go Emily! You look FANTASTIC. cc

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