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How sweet! :)


i can't believe she's walking already! i feel like it was just yesterday she was this tiny little bundle. cute little legs & awesome expressions. priceless. wish i ws in you ce class, maybe next year! maryjo


i can't believe she's walking already! i feel like it was just yesterday she was this tiny little bundle. cute little legs & awesome expressions. priceless. wish i ws in you ce class, maybe next year! maryjo

kim Loewen

Ohhh! Such cute pictures of Capri! That is just so sweet! And so many exciting things to look forward to in the coming months for you!


omg so precious!!! :)


OMG - I am in the early stages of pregnancy and was hoping the 'morning sickness' thing and the heartburn was going to go away! Good Luck for everything.

PROLIX from la Normandie


she's too cute!
it's so wonderful to see their steps!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}
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Sweet Sweet Baby!!!Thanks for sharing those first steps with all of us....


SERIOUSLY....she's so dang cute! LOVE the photos of her walking. so great, she's so advanced! she seems pretty proud of herself.


what a doll!
girl you kill me, i don't know how you do it.
but i am glad to you that you too have been hanging out in jammies!
can't wait to see the new little swapp!

Vickie Jones

Your DD is precious and I'm super excited for Creative Escape as I'm going this year!!!!

Jammies sound like a great way to spend the day!


That is so exciting that your baby girl is walking. Watch out Swapp house... It will never be the same!!

What are the ages of your kids again?

Just saw where you are going to be at the Scrap Etc. event in Nashville next year. I am hoping to swing the expense and time away from family so I can attend.

Take Care,
Jamie ~ Alabama

Amy Cline

Wow, you have the cutest children. I know it sounds silly, but cheap disposable cameras catch those moments without the blur. Just thought I'd mention it.
Looks and soundds like you are having a ball.

Cindy C. T.

This has nothingn to do with the post, but I just bought the new idea book and I absolutley LOVE it. Thanks again! Way to go! You ALWAYS inspire me!


I cannot believe that Capri is already walking!!! Gabby is on the verge...soon enough!! (I am having a hard time with her growing up, I just want her to stay little forever!)

Soooo excited about Creative Escape...can't wait to see what you have in store!

And good luck with the new baby and eveything that you have to do before he comes. How exciting for you guys that you'll have another little newborn soon...gives me baby fever, and Gabby's only 10 months old! aaahhh!!



i'm so sad we're not there to see this!! AHHH i love these moments...so sweet!

jessica T.

Love the walking pictures! I didn't capture my daughters first walking steps, but I have it ingrained to my memory. She started walking the day my son was born. I'll never forget watching her toddle down the hospital hallway. She's 11 now, and my son turned 10 yesterday. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Bobbi-Jo Grunewald aka bobbijo_g

That's a sweet setup! I would LOVE to have a set up like that. Good luck with the book!

I know it's tricky to get walking photos, and my daughter is coming up on that milestone any day now. I think you did I nice job capturing it!

Brooke Martin

You don't know me. But this is the first little girl that I've seen named Capri! We are dead set on naming our next girl that! I LOVE IT!


Very sweet photos! She is an absolute doll!

For the heartburn...try Breyer's All Natural Vanilla ice cream...just a tablespoon should get rid of the heart burn immediately. I suffered from this in my twin pregnancy and the ice cream helped instantly.

Fresh Floral Art

Love the walking pictures. I have a one year old that just started walking. Need to go take some pictures.

Jolene George

So cute that she's walking. My grandson is 8 months old and is crawling. He likes to stand, but it's a little early for walking. I can hardly wait.
Love your little photo studio set up. I hope you can get your book all done before the little curly haired man makes his apprearance in 30 some odd days. It's a busy and exciting time for you and your family right now.


Pregnancy number two has been causing me crazy heartburn too. My midwife suggested I take 2 zantac a day and honestly the prescription helps SO much. I was downing four to six tums a day and now I just take one zantac in the morning and one in the evening and I'm pretty much heartburn free. But I totally feel it if I forget to take it or if I can't take it at my normal time for some reason. Good luck with managing your heartburn.


What precious photos, Capri is the cutest little girl I've seen in a while and she looks so pleased with herself!


ok. Heidi. I'm in your ytr class and have been reading your blog since day one, I did not know you knew you were having a boy! how did I miss that?!? I can't believe how quickly this year is going! Slow down!

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