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you inspire me ... my clever friend!
i love them all!


I am with you on the staying up late. No matter how hard I try, I love the quiet at night with no interruptions!!! Beautiful pages!!


Enjoy the me-time, everyone needs some once in a while. Certainly when life gets hectic on you. I too love the peace and quiet scrapbooking provides me :) Even when i crop with my mom, we hardly say a word. Just listening to the radio, and enjoying the atmosphere of creating. We call our selves the Silent Scrappers, because other crafters we know always blabber about on bigger crops, and we get to enjoy what stories they are telling without being noticed. Sometimes that is :-)


Your baby boy pages are beautifull !

I so understand your craving for the ME time late at night - what's the saying: "we can sleep when we're old" - luckily we are all so young still ;O)

Have fun and enjoy your precious family.


awwww, beautiful pages Heidi, what a gorgeous little babe he is.
And, yep, I'm another who pays are very high price (extreme tiredness) to hold onto her sanity (ie:scrap late at night)

Jane Logan

Just stunning! Enjoy your time.

Susanne Huettner

Georgous pages and a very sweet little baby! Enjoy the time!


Wonderful.. Your layouts never cease to amaze me. I just love the elements and how you pull a page together.
Did you say new kits? I can't wait to see what you are coming up with.
Congrats on Connar. I hope you find time for you and get sleep, too. Scrapping helps me when I am stressed, everyone needs a creative outlet. Take Care, Jess

Yvette Adams

You're a legend. These are fantastic. The bags under your eyes will eventually go. The layouts will be around to treasure forever! :)


You got we thinking about your kits? How will QVC kits differ from Club Heidi. I love the new one, but I don't use that much pink.
I would love to see a blue and brown kit-my favorite color combo.Your layouts and products ROCK:) Jess

Lee W

Gorgeous- how fun to see your pages. I have 2 boys- scrapping for them is fun. I love the journaling spots, too.


Beauutiful pages, Heidi - God Bless all of you. A


I was so excited to see your pages this morning...they look great!

PROLIX from la Normandie

it is so lovely!


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}


I read your blog all the time, but have never posted. I love the pages you did for Cooper, and I think they have actually inspired me to FINALLY get back to my scrap area and to begin my own son's first scrapbook. He is already 7 months! I would love to try your journal spot stamps as I always have trouble figuring out where and how to journal. It looks like there are lines in the circle journal spots you used on these pages, but the stamps I find to buy online don't seem to have lines. Am I seeing things? Can you clear this up for me? I would really like to have the lines!
Thanks and Congrats again on a gorgeous family!


The pages are beautiful and the pictures are just precious. So glad you are getting some Heidi time.


I have your love and adore journaling stamps and have been loving them too...been layering them on top of each other with paints or ink.


Your talent scares me!

p.s. Love your yard :)


you're family is sooooooo
to have all these beautiful layouts that you
CREATE for them all!!!
i can relate to the late nite scrappin'...seems to be the only ALONE time for all of us mommy's!!!
keep playin'!

Le Anne Bull

don't look to out of practice to me, as always stunning. i hope you enjoy your {heidi} time you sooo need it and deserve it! enjoy and thanks for sharing connor is a little cutie bug!
le anne irene bull


Heidi! Those pages are wonderful!

kim faucher

Happy Heidi's are Happy mommies... Happy Kim's are happy mommies... that is my motto... enjoy the me time... take advantage of the "down" time... savor it!
Love the 2 pagers.... I really need to do more of these!
gorgeous little man there!

kim Loewen

I LOVE your baby boy layouts! As always I am inspired! And so glad you could take time for yourself...whatever time of day it ends up being! :) Connor is adorable!!!


love these pages! baby connor is so sweet! i love the brown color palette! also i have some of the corner stamps but i think i need the journaling spots too! tfs & keep enjoying your late "me" time, 'cuz it works for u. maryjo

diane mcvey

AMAZING!!! These pages are perfectly beautiful, and just awesome...you have such a gift! Thanks for sharing this precious little boy with us. He's just gorgeous! Oh what FUN!!

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