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Annie Adams

YOur LO's are so beautiful! Connor is so beautiful too! I can't wait till your metallic letters and rubons hit the stores! Good luck on QVC - how exciting! Thanks for sharing, I love your style!

Julie Long

I am so glad to be able to enjoy your talent-thanks for posting your late night creations! I think most of us agree--that "me" time in the wee hours keeps us going! (until the next morning's alarm clock)
I can't wait to see you on QVC! ooh...please post some hints about your kits before the big day!


I love your darling layouts of Conner. Always such an inspiration! I hear you about those late night moments of bliss and inspiration. Sometimes I just wish we didn't have to sleep at all - so I could scrapbook all night long!!! ;)


Congrats!...too, too cute layouts of Conner. I agree with the late night scrapbooking (I don't even have children at home). The night seems to engage my creative side and I can get so much more done. Heidi you are such an inspiration, and such an amasing person to be able to keep it all together. Take care...anxious for the next QVC show.


love the layouts and can't WAIT for the sneak peek on the QVC stuff!


These layouts are so precious and beautiful!! Congratulations on your new baby boy! =-D


Heidi! Congratulations on that sweet baby boy! I don't know if I would be able to scrapbook a boy either, since I only have a girl! Cute pages though!

I also LOVE scrapbooking when my family has gone to bed and everything is quiet! I do my best work then! I'll be watch on the 14th!

If you love these journaling spots (not sure if they are Heidi Swapp or someone elses), you should totally check out Close To My Heart's! They have Frame of Mind ($22.95) and Journaling Jots ($13.95) and I love both! I use them all the time! Just the perfect amount of space to say a few words, but not too much!




Beautiful pages, gorgeous baby.

Ady Abreu

I can totally relate to that special quiet time. I can also relate to those bags too. Your baby is beautiful and congrats to QVC. Will definitely check it out. Those pages are beautiful too. Have a great one..

Janelle in MT

love these boy pages...i bet it's a complete turn around scrappin baby boy stuff again...sweet pictures. glad you finally found some you time!

Hillary Chybinski

Heidi - those pages ROCK!! I have 2 boys - so I love the inspiration - one is only a little younger than miss Capri (9 1/2 mos) the other is almost 7 years old.

Thanks for sharing -


These don't look out of practice to me-so sweet. Your boy scrapbook pages ae what first drew me to you and your product line. Can't wait for your journalling stamps. I love them, but think the stamps would be even better. BTW, I have trouble getting the spot to stick to the paper. Have you had others say that? Miss "hearing" you in AY2R class. This summer has been crazy. As you know all too well! :)


Love the LOs and I fully understand the nice quiet evenings. I love to play after the house is quiet. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us on QVC.


beautiful pages. my daughter is 8 months old and i haven't scrapped one page yet... taken thousands of photos... but haven't scrapped.. you inspire me to start!

kristen hansen

Sheesh Heidi! You could spit on paper and make it look amazing...


Oh, so glad your going to be on the big QVC scrapbooking day. Can't wait to see your sneak peaks. I've been saving $$$UP for the scrapfair on QVC. Glad I did. Can't wait to see you present on that day so much fun. Love your pages and can't wait to see them on TV(QVC) too.

I am a late night scrapper too and it is well worth the loss of sleep. As the days get too busy.

Good luck with the new little babes and all your responsibilities. We know ya can do all of it/your very dedicated and work Great under pressure. You go girl!


I completely understand your need to be creative. It's an outlet for me as well. It does the same thing, calms me down and helps me relax. Me time. Your baby is so adorable. Those layouts are great! I hope you get more sleep. ;-}

Chris D

Heidi, those pages are absolutely stunning! Your little boy is a doll baby!

Melanie aka Batgirl

these are awesome! great ideas and layouts and colours! I need to work on my little guys first year book!

Laura plunk

Love the pages, I'll be watching for you on QVC !!
laura P

Raquel Daroda

Hi! I´m from Brazil and I love your scrap!! They are perfect!! They are beautiful!! I love!!
Hugs ;)


I love your pages. I am a newbie to scrapbooking and am starting my baby books for my two little boys (who are 1 & 2). Your pages are so inspirational to me!

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