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Ngaire Bartlam

Best wishes to you all on your latest bubba,
May it all go fabulously well! :)

Love Ngaire.


Yay! Can't wait to hear the 'particulars'...7/7/7...so cool!

Mary Larson

Heidi - hope all is well...watching your blog for news of the little one. Today is my anniversary, a great numbered day to be born!


Hi Heidi, sending you happy, healthy baby vibes! Best wishes to you and your family.

Guard Wife

Such an exciting time! Thanks for sharing it with your faithful readers. :) Capri and that baby doll put a big smile on my face! How sweet! Best wishes to you & your family. :)

Kimberly Rae

Heidi and family,
Thoughts and prayers for a safe delivery for you and the baby.


Hoping it is all going well and congratulations! Been thinking about you alot this weekend! So excited for you and your family - you are so blessed - enjoy the new addition to the Swapp Family! Our prayers are with you. Hope this baby is born under the lucky 7/7/7 if not it will still be lucky because of it's Mom Heidi - our heroine! We love you! Good luck!




Any news yet?
I am thinking of you all - wishing you much happiness.

Rebecca Foxworth

I wasn't much into dolls, either, and so when my first (now almost 7) didn't really get into the doll thing it disappointed her grandma, but I didn't think much of it. My second girl, though (now 2 1/2) drags dolls around all day, shushes anyone who talks while they are "sleeping", sings them lullabies, and the whole thing. Funny how different two kids can be, huh?

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