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Congratulations, Heidi and family. Your new little one is gorgeous! It was nice to read about you bottle feeding. I'm home on maternity leave with my third child and bottle feeding this time around, too.

I still don't know how you do it with all the kids, the business, etc. and look so great doing it all!

alexandra hobson

OMG Heidi - he is an absolutely gorgeous baby! Congratulations again and enjoy your new blessing! *HUGS* Alex

Jenny M

He is such a handsome little man!!

Congrats again!

Stacey C.

He is gorgeous! Congrats to the Swapp family once again.


Heidi - Conner is absolutely adorable; another gorgeous Swapp baby!! Hey, don't feel guilty about not breast feeding -- no kid ever grew up and was a changed person because they were/were not breast fed!!! I breast fed my kids and it worked for me, but it doesn't work for everyone..whatever you're comfortable with...if the mommy is happy, the baby is happy....they can certainly feel your vibe!! Enjoy! ~Cathy


he is adorable!!! I'm so glad things are going well for you!

Kathryn (aka kate)

Oh, he is just too sweet!
Congrats on the new little one.
My girls are 16 months apart so I sorta get what you are going through... yours are a wee bit closer.
Enjoy them all, as I am sure you do!
Take lots of pictures and share them with us, you have such a beautiful family!!
Take care!


Congrats Heidi! He is amazing and so is his mother!


Welcome home! Such a beautiful baby boy! Glad to hear you are all doing well. There is such a wonderful feeling of comfort when you get home from the hospital. All is right with the world minus the lack of new baby sleep. But enjoy this too. The Swapp family of 7 is a lucky one!

Best wishes. Looking forward to all of Connor's future blogs!

Shealynn Benner

Oh my goodness!! What a cutie he is!! Adorable!


What an absolute beauty! Just gorgeous! Congrats again :)

Lisa Russell

He is beautiful! Congratulations!!


Beautiful babe!!

Thanks to you I learned all about the cabbage routine (last Sept at CE)! Lemmie tell you... it worked and I was praising your name!!


What a cutie!


oh my~~
he is gorgeous!!
congratulations....i know you are in love with that sweet baby!!


oh my~~
he is gorgeous!!
congratulations....i know you are in love with that sweet baby!!

Rebecca Geach

He is darling!
SO SO SO special.
What a superhero you are :)


can you say PERFECT? REally, he's just precious and cuddly! He looks so tiny, congrats again!

beth l

totally sweet baby boy! what a happy family for this little guy to join.

congratulations again!


I haven't even read the blog...i immediately scrolled down to see pictures!!! That is the prettiest baby I have ever seen...I am in love!

I will go back and read the blog now!


Beautiful, beautiful!!! Well done you clever thing. :)


Oh, baby Connor is so beautiful! And you were definitely right ~ his hair is the darkest of all! I can't believe it! I bet it's so nice to finally have him home (and to FINALLY not be pregnant anymore)!!

Holly Child

Oh, what a sweetpea!! And look at that hair! Darling! :o)

Dorothy Rhodes

He is handsome. You shouldn't feel guilty about not breastfeeding. I tried with both of my girls initially, was frustrated. I decided to do what's best for us and then I switched to bottle feeding. Both are growing up well and healthy.


congratulations! he is perfect and handsome. so what is with that guilt thing - it is so MEAN! i am glad you found your way :)

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