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just an incredible beautiful lil baby boy!!! congrats again!!


Hey we are playing the same game right now. I gave birth on June 27th, just 10 days ahead of you. I am doing the breastfeeding and man it's painful even with baby #2. It's finally getting better now that my little guy is 2 weeks old. Keep posting those beautiful baby photos. You give me lots of inspiration and it will be a great reminder to keep snapping those precious photos. The babies grow so very quickly. Wishing you a good night's sleep soon!

Renata Carvalhaes

Hi Heidi!
Greetings from Brasil!
Congrats on the new little one!
He is adorable and so beautiful!:)
God bless you!

Shannon Lowe

Oh my goodness Heidi, he is just gorgeous!
I am so happy for you and your family.
Thanks for sharing this joyous event with us!

Kelly Jo

Congrats, Heidi. He is Soooo Beautiful!


Awwwww how cute is he!

catherine feegel-erhardt (mmm 2007)



Heidi! Congratulations. You are an inspiration to me! I've always looked up to you and been amazed from afar. I wish I was coming to the reunion to see you and your darling family! Sending lots of love!!!



Kim Griffin

Connor is perfectly handsome and he looks so awake and eager to take on the world...or maybe he's just looking around for his first scrapbook layouts???
many happy blessings to your whole family, including SLEEP!!!

Heather H.

Congratulations Swapp family! What a sweet new addition to an already rockin' family!


So, so sweet! Congratualtions!!


He is absolutely, positively ADORABLE! He even LOOKS sweet and calm. I love hearing (reading)how in love you are with him (and you were with Capri) it is so refreshing and precious! Keep on relaxing....take it easy for as long as you can..........ENJOY!
Blessings to you and your precious family!

Tanya Summers

Very sweet pictures - what a cute! Good luck with everything! ~Tanya

Samantha Wales

Heidi and family,
He is just gorgeous!!!! One of the prettiest babies I've seen in a long time (since my last one :P). Congratulations and all God's Blessings to you all. What a precious gift God has given you. Beautiful baby for a beautiful family.

Heather L

He is just so sweet....I'm so glad that you are home with your family and everyone is getting to know baby Conner. Capri will be such a great big sister.

Heather L in Alberta

Annie Adams

He is so precious! He is just so perfect...enjoy snuggling with that little cutie!! We did the bottle thing too and when my youngest was born(Cami), my middle(Charlie) was 11 months like Capri and Charlie would steal Cami's bottle and run away with it, if I put it down to burp her. We called him "Swiper" (from Dora)...we have pictures of him in the hospital holding the little infant bottles. Looking at Connor makes me want a new baby - you guys are blessed, so glad he is healthy!

Elizabeth Woods

Congratulations to all the Swapp family, but especially Heidi and Eric. Your baby boy is beautiful. May Connor be blessed with a lots of love, a long life, good health, and enough wealth for happiness!

MacKenzie Bruckler

What a beauty! Okay....I'm dying to know....what is the cabbage routine?

Carrie Lammert

Nothing better than a sweet new baby! He's absolutely adorable. Congratulations to the whole Swapp family! Can't wait to see them all IRL at CE again!

Debbie House

Little Conner is just BEAUTIFUL!! Just the right amount of hair..he is perfect...angelic face.. These first few days are the best for photo's!! Way to capture his sweet innocent face!! Congratulations to you all!! Family photo's will be awesome for you this year!!
So happy for you!
Debbie House


What a gorgeous little bundle Conner is.

Congratulations to you all xxx

Amie Taylor

OMG Connor is just adorable...such a cutie.



Wow Heidi! Don't you just love hearing everyone tell you how perfect he is!!
The Swapp Family is very Blessed!!
Enjoy it!


he is just beautiful!! so glad you are feeling good

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