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Oh my I totally wanted the kit and tried to buy it (it was too early). By the time July 1s t rolled around I was crazy busy and forgot. BUMMER!!!

Good luck on the birth of you newest baby! I am excited to read the details. So fun!


tag you're it!!

Nicole Boatman

Sending prayers and good thoughts your way as you get ready to welcome your new little miracle! :)

Janet Michelmore

I am in the same holding pattern as you Heidi and anxiously awaiting the birth of our first bub who is now 2 days overdue (was due 5th July) and officially making her mum very impatient!

Got a feeling Miss Muffet is going to be as stubborn as both her parents!

Good luck with your birth Heidi and hope all goes as well as it should for you!

Kat (Lovebug Kat - the chatty one)

Best wishes and prayers for a quick, safe delivery for you and your newest blessing.


Congrats on your new baby boy Heidi!
In Love with the first club Heidi kit!
Live in North Carolina, have spoken with emily's weight loss md. and was wondering if Emily would answer some questions about the program! It's far to travel on just hope alone! Would be overjoyed if she would email me @ mommiejenny@yahoo.com! I would be ever so grateful.

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