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Your yard looks GORGEOUS!! Looks like you have lots of FUN stuff for the kids too - ENJOY!!


Your backyard looks amazing!!! OH and I didnt get last months club kit but I am going to try hard to get this months...I love pink and brown!! That picture with you and your babies is adorable. now go out and enjoy your back yard, you deserve every bit of it!


You, your babies AND your yard look beautiful. Hang in there - my babies were close too, and days when you feel like you wont make it , guess what? YOU MAKE IT ....Enjoy your babies - they'll be grown before you know it.....

Brandi Ginn

WOW it looks fabulous! We had friends with fake grass here in CO...every fall he was out with a vaccuum to clean it up..lol


you look WONDERFUL for a woman who just gave birth - and with the two little ones - how totally cute is that! Glad you're getting a bit of "me" time in there with a movie with your sister.
The yard is amazing - looks terrific. My son is going to be so jealous of the boarding ramps :)

Alexis R

You look great and so does your backyard. Can I bring my kids over and play?


do you have scorpions?


LOVE me some grocery delivery!!! and....if yours is set up similar to mine, you can go back to previous orders and order from there. makes it quicker and easier if you get similar things constantly (like cereals the kids like...the same kind of milk, etc)
you guys all look great! and congrats on the lawn!

kim Loewen

Your yard looks amazing!!! And look how adorable your kids are! Glad you're finding some time to do things for yourself...it is very much needed I'm sure. And I love that you did the on-line grocery shopping and laughed when you said your kids were still begging for the treats! hehe!

Holly Child

That is one FABULOUS backyard! Wow!!!! And those babies of yours...gorgeous!! :o)


your yard looks fabulous!! i know you are enjoying it :)
i love the pics too, your children are gorgeous :)

~Heather W~

Wow, are those real pictures of your yard?? It looks so perfect, almost like it's computer generated. Y'all are looking great. :-)

Kathy C.

HOLY COW! You & and the kiddoes look great, the yard is AWESOME and the August Kit...I'll be getting in on that one this month....I snoozed and missed out on the July kit -- my bad! Thanks for the tips on the on-line grocery shopping...I'll have to give it a go!

fran heupel

You look wonderful and your little ones couldn't be any cuter. Your yard looks great and your kids must really love it.
Lots of room for great entertaining.
looks like a wonderful kit for August.
Get some rest and enjoy your family.


Chris from Va. Bch.

Dang girl, that's SOME house AND yard!! It looks beautiful and so are your little ones! I can imagine how crazy it is, but you'll never have this same time again, ya know?! ENJOY IT!! ;-)


what a beautiful family you have grown!


I don't know what I'm more in awe of...you, your kids, the skate ramp, the built in at ground level trampoline, the fake grass, the pool, or the pink and brown August Kit! You're KILLING ME! LOL! Thanks for making me drool, now I'm off to make dinner in my tiny little townhouse kitchen....dreaming of a backyard....heck, I'll take grass I have to mow! LOL! So good to "see you" but totally understand why you aren't around as much right now....my boys are 20 mo. apart and that was such a numbing first year! You rock!


you have TWO babies, Heidi!! Gabby is sooooo busy these days, I can't imagine having a newborn on top of that! Your yard is fabulous...*sigh*...so beautiful!
I can't wait for Creative Escape, just over a month away. Yay!!!


how WONDERFUL your new yard is!
We're moving into a new house with fake grass out front and for our dog run- gotta love it- but it does get hot! (we're in Vegas)

You & the kids look beautiful!

Super psyched for the Aug. kit! Hope I can get one!

CE sold out before I could get a spot- hoping to get in on the ScrapEtc even in April!

Anyway- I couldn't be happier for you on all your wonderful successes- personal & professional-you so ROCK!


Your house and yard are gorgeous and the kids are absolutely adorable!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can register for one of the spots at the Scrap Etc event, too!


However did you get those pictures? It looks like you were on the roof in one shot and in a plane in another! How fabulous it all looks! And care to share where to can order online groceries? What a time and stress saver!


hi heidi!

all of you--including your yard look amazing!! i LOVE the size of your yard--we have like no backyard--zilch! the houses all crammed together here in the bay area! if my son saw your yard he'd say it was the park--he says that of my cousin's yard and she only has a play structure!! LOL! thanks for sharing, and can't wait for the august kit! :)



you & those sweet babies are entirely too cute!
people might think you're the nanny!

Amanda Fuentes

Your babies are so beautiful! And Holy Moly I didn't realize you lived in the desert/desert! I know AZ is desert but goodness! Awesome yard too!

Amanda Fuentes

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