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Rachel B

So glad your Parents were there to help your family out for the week! I know when ever I have a baby it's so nice to have my mom here helping with the other kids and like you said feeding everyone and keeping the house clean in the meanwhile... How they do it? I will hopefully learn and be as good as my mom some day. Thanks for the update on baby Conner he is still as cute as ever... And Capri seems all of the sudden so much bigger now that he is here! Crazy! Well back to being too pregnant in this hot weather November can't come soon enough... Thanks for the post!


Congrats on your new BEAUTIFUL baby boy! Take care of you and the rest will fall into place! HUGZ Heidi!


that little boy is soooo cute!!! congrats to you and your family!!! So sweet of your parents to stand by you and yes, it will be difficult at times, but I'm sure you'll manage somehow. Maybe you can take a nap when the little ones are, so you can recharge your battery ;-). Good luck and enjoy it


We all need our Mommies once in a while. Thank God for Moms young and old even if at times we don't see eye to eye. You can and will do this and if you need to get help for a little while there is nothing wrong with it. You are still the "Super Mom"! But take time to breathe also. Hugs.

Cindy Bosch

Hi Heidi
Congrats on the beautiful baby boy!! My youngest are 14 mths apart - the first little while is hard - but trust me, it is the BEST when they get a little older!! My daughter is now 6 and her brother 5 and they are BEST friends! They have kept each other occupied and happy for hours! I wouldn't do it any other way if I was doing it again!
Enjoy them and have fun...they are all beautiful!!

Cindy McDannold

My great niece and nephew are not quite as close in age as capri and conner, but I'm sure you will be surprised at how close they will become. Emma and Elie are inseparable. They entertain each other and show their love for one another at every chance. It's wonderful to see how they always think of the other one. I watch them play and wonder if this will last as they get older..I hope so. In your loving family I know this will happen also. Cindy


Hey Heidi,
Belated congratulations! I'm sure that once you figure it all out, it will be great! You're a strong woman and I know that you can take on and accomplish great things regardless of the challenges! One day at a time - just remember to try to revel in each one! Take care!


it always bugs me when people feel they need to comment on your situation...puhleez!!!
you will be an awesome mom!
you will do an incredible job raising those "close together babies"!
you have the most creative line out there!
all that & you are too stinkin cute.
so take that!


Congrats, Heidi, I came to check in to see if your little one arrived on 070707... and he did! We got married that day! So much fun! Best wishes to you and your family!


So happy for you - you are a strong woman...I have no doubt you will get everyone on a schedule :)
I had to take a double look at the picture of your mom...looks just like you!
Much love!~


Congratulations Heidi and family. Conner is beautiful. I hope you start to feel more settled in your new role soon, being mom to five (I think you have five) is not an easy task as you well know. I am a mom of five(four homegrown boys and a sweet baby girl from Taiwan)and while I love love love it, somedays the schedule goes out the window before we even wake up! I also am so LUCKY to have bigger kids to help me and they are so willing it is hard not to take advantage of them. Good luck finding your new normal, it will come.


He is beautiful! It makes me think about another one!!! I have 4 all 16mo. apart. Just keep that great sense of humor and you'll be fine. Try not to take things to seriously the 1st few weeks and you'll find the right groove for you and your family!!! How blessed you are to have your hands so full! Now when people look at you and say "my you have your hands full" just look at them and smile and say "happily so"! Next year this time you'll be thinking "what was I so worried about! And maybe have another:)


Don't worry about your schedule right now. Everything will fall into place. My boys are 12 months apart and are now 2.5 and 3.5! FUN!! Enjoy!!! It all works out!

tammy b

you look FANTASTIC!
congrats on mr. connor


You are doing an awesome job, Heidi! How nice that your parents have been there to help...I only have 2 and often don't know what I would do with out my mama! You are the perfect example to me that it CAN be done! Take care fo yourself!!


you are allowed to take a little maternity leave you know! :) You look so much like your mom!! You can do it!!! Wasn't Connor also born in the 7th hour that day!?


oops... not the 7th hour... but he was a 7 pounder!!!! sounds like a great 7 scrapbook page!!!

Annie Adams

Hi Heidi, I don't know if you want advice or not..maybe just good wishes but I do know how it is w/3 close in age and the best advice that was given to me was
that when the youngest turns 3 it will get easier....my youngest will be 3 in Sept...I will let you know if that is true. But time certainly has proved to be on my side....and it is o.k. to not be super mom..I made the mistake of trying to prove the people wrong who would make comments to me about "having my hands full" and ended up with a little life detour at the therapists office...just breathe and have as much FUN as possible!! Just because it is hard, doesn't mean you don't LOVE every second of it!!


Congratulations Heidi. Ok, people say I look young for my age but your parents are looking pretty good there. As a mother of children who were 11 months apart I so get waht you say. Now that they are grown up I wonder how I did it. And I only have three! The good thing was that they were like having twins so I just treated it as that. They got along ok, I had another one 12 months later and we just got use to doing what we had to do. God has blessed and kept us so that is all that matters in the end.


You are so blessed. What a wonderful family and great parents you have. Hope Eric is feeling better. My husband is a diver and has never had an ear issue but, friends of his have. Not fun. Hoping for a speedy recovery so, he can enjoy his families new addition. Congrats.


Hang in there, Heidi! you have been in my prayers lately with the new baby and all you are juggling. You are indeed very lucky to have parents who make the effort to see your kids and help out. Hope Eric is feeling better soon. Take care!


you'll rock it just like u do everything else. it's only been a week so enjoy the journey for now. you have an awesome family & that conner is so stinkin' cute! congrats again. maryjo

Laura plunk

Hey, looks to me like 7 (SEVEN) 7 is your lucky NUMBER !!
laura P


My fourth and fifth are 12 months apart and my oldest at the time was only 7. Yes it was crazy! I remember one day specifically holding two crying babies, surrounded by an undone house and thinking if people could see me now they would be soooo glad they weren't me. It was then that I decided to laugh at the thought instead of cry. You just have to laugh at the craziness sometimes. Now my kids range from 5-12 and it is heaven on earth. They are all so close and have so much fun together. It is worth it!!!!!!!

Kristin Olichwier

Congrats on your little one! My birthday is 7/7/73 -- so I love that he was born on that day! You look fantastic & Conner is so cute! :)

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