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Please make more! Puhleeeeeze?!


I was at my computer when registration opened August 1 - all ready to purchase but alas...

august 7 -- I couldn't get to the computer and I lost my wallet with all my financial info.

I'm so sad! All the kits are gone and I don't have one. Any chance of a do over? Just a few more please!!


I think it would be more diplomatic if the kits were bought as a pre-order. Like the kit can only be pre-ordered on a specific day. Then everyone that wants one can have one because enough would be made to fill every order. Maybe even only limit it to 1 kit per customer so there are more to go around? I was lucky to get this one but only because I set an alarm to remind me. They are such beautiful kits!


I wish you had more of them. I live in Indonesia and have asked my frind who live in the States to buy it for me... She was ready to buy on August 1st but when she tried to buy yesterday it was sold out.

Please consider to have more kits... I really love your pink and brown kit. Thank you.

Jolene George

I feel bad to post this since so many didn't get a kit, but I wanted to say how impressed I am with the shipping. I got my kit the VERY NEXT DAY! Now that's speedy quick. It really is beautiful...thank you so much Heidi! :o)

Kathi Townzen

YIP!!!! YIP!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!! I ALREADY got the kit and it ROCKS!!! It's sooooooooo cool. I had got the little book a month or so ago..... Nancy Drewed the web till I found it!!! Anywhooooo.....It's SUCH the bargain and CAME SOOOOOOOO FAST!!! Incredible...just like you!!!
Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much!


well since I didn't get this one,,,so sad!!! but happy for those that did!!!

Cheryl Schwarz

Like others, the 9PST time slot for ordering the kit ensured that I couldn't not get an August kit either. All sold out by the time I got home from work...Is this going to be changed for coming months?


I got my kit and I'm scrappin' with it today! SO FUN! Thanks Heidi!

Elaine Dalton

I agree with the comments posted...would love to see kits for regular club KIT members. Very bummed to not have this months kit...I was so looking forward to this one...please let me know if more will be made for August!! PLEASE!!!
Love, Elaine


I guess I was one of the lucky ones this month. I was able to order a kit. July kits were sold out by the time I was able to get online and order.

And I got my kit today.....and I love it. I can't wait to use all the products. I already have ideas flowing. Thanks so much


Please consider having more inventory for next months kit!! Two months in a row and I've been unable to get the kit :(
Hopefully there will be more available next month.


I was at the hospital in labor when the kits went on sale. I jokingly told my husband to go get one. It would be nice to see a baby boy kit soon.


Such pink and brown cuteness in my UPS box today-love love love the kit this month! I've been lucky enough to score both kits-can't wait until next month's. Thanks for starting this-it's an awesome idea!!

You rock, chica!

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