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Love everything you do. You keep motivating me to have fun and explore all aspects of scrapbooking.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog.


oh man - i can't believe i have to totally miss the housewarming. I'm headed out of town today to do classes with Vicki (Boutin) - it's all her fault!!! I wonder if she'd mind if we spent some of our class time checking out the house party!!!

Have a blast this weekend!

Sandi Keene

Can't wait to see all the fun things you have in store for us this weekend. That mini-album is great!

Blog Blinkie!

Kim D.

I am absolutely loving everything you do and all that you offer at House of 3. You are all such an inspiration. I redecorated my blog with some of your goodies. Check it out at daviszone.blogspot.com.
Tons of thanks!!! Kim Davis

Vicki Boutin

That book looks amazing!!! I hope I can catch some of the fun on Sunday!

I bought some Blog Couture!! LOVE it!!! Jewellery for my blog! What girl doesn't love to accessorize! Now to see if it is easy to put it on typepad!

Hope the House warming party is fab!


I am in love with all of the H of 3 stuff ! Looking so forward to the House WArming this weekend.


Ellen Prinsen

The best thing ever for 2009 is House of 3. So looking forward to all the amazing stuff you three will suprise us with. I'll make sure everyone in the Netherlands will know about it !!

Theresa Grdina

Heidi: I have been a "lurker" on your log for a very long time...however, today I am inspired to let you know that your new HOUSE OF 3 endeavor is FANTASTIC! I do not have any digital software and will one day hopefully get some...however, with your items I do not need it and can do all kinds of creative things! Thank you so much. Your stuff is so inspiring and wonderful....I can't wait to get started!!!!


so excited about the house warming.
I love house of 3. All of you are so totally inspiring. Can't wait to hear what you have in going on next week. Love the comments being open again;)

Paulette Sarsfield

Sweet Heidi, I teach a two day class Sat & Sunday...will all your fun stuff still be available to look at& download on Monday ??? I am so excited about the HOUSE of 3!!!


Can't wait to see the House of 3 open!!!
Can't be around much, I hope I don't miss everything - thanks for this great addition to our wonderful art!

Nancy Mackey

My dining room table looks very similar!!lol!! and we're going on three days now!!!


Hello Heidi. I am so loving your digital"stuff" I think it is the best on the market (and I mean it) I have been wanting to start a little bit of digital scrapbooking but not sure how, so I have been checking out your site daily. I haven't purchased yet (a little nervous) but I LOVE everything.I have had a blinkie on my blog since your site started it is actuallythereis6ofus.blogspot.com. I hope I win!!!

Nancy Wyatt

How exciting this all is! My Blog is all done up with HO3 and would love to win this awesome prize! You women ROCK! Looking forward to all the fun over the weekend with HO3!

Christa Flook

Love all the new goodies, I've added the cool house warming background to my blog and a blinkie!
So much fun! I have been so behind the curve with digital and House of Three has made experimenting with it so fun! Looking forward to lerning how to do so much more! Can't wait for the projects this weekend!


I am planning our whole weekend around the Open House!!

I love the idea of what makes your house a home. I'm going to snap some pitures today so I can put together an album I think it's a great idea and something that changes from time to time. Thanks for the inspiration!!


I am loving House of 3! Can not Wait for this weekend. Hugs Grace


here is a link to my blog.. can't wait for tomorrow..

Jaime Benavides

I'm so loving the your version of the house warming book...But that shouldn't come as a surprise because I love everything that you do! Very inspiring. Thanks for the sneak peek;)


I love the stuff you are creating here. The work you do is so inspired - and I would LOVE to get the whole house warming gift!!! What a joy and treat!!


Heidi- you totaly outdid yourself for me- thank you again! :) I love having all of these visitors! Everyone that has commented has been extremely sweet :) I gotta confess, my scrap room doesn't always look that way(esp after a project-jowza!)- at least I am hoping that I could could keep it semi clean after the way i have organized it. LOL I am especially loving the baskets- just pull off the shelf, take it my work table, get what I need and put it back :) The best part, its all right there behind me! (this is from living at relatives for a few months after the move. My room was upstairs, and my scrap stuff was downstairs in the 3rd car garage over. Kinda far to be treking for supplies- totaly killed my scrap mojo.) Anyways- I am loving the new project! I have always wanted to do a HOME book- going to be interesting since my situation is different now...but it looks like so much fun, fabulous and inspirational! As Tim Gunn would say- make it work! :) Have a great weekend, and I'll be back to check all of the great stuff you have in store! :)

michelle norri

Hi Heidi, your scrap table looks like mine - it's amazing how we have this book work space and we always end up working in this little corner because we have to drag everything out and use it. My new blog is --- http://michonmadison.blogspot.com take care michelle

michelle p. from wa

What kind of paper is in the corner of your scrap space picture? I love it!
Many thanks!!

Geralyn Gray

I posted today with a picture of the spring banner from house of 3...my blog has a button for house of 3...it is http://greetingsfromgeralyn.com


heidi...here is the link to my blog...i have the h of 3 house warming background, banner, and the blinkie... and I LOVE THEM! you were right, they are so addictive!

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