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Hi Heidi, I have the "Cool" theme on my blog. Being that I'm the mom of two boys, it was perfect. I have some other on my wish list that I'm eyeing also.


Kristy Gussio

Hey Heidi!! I am really loving all the new Houseof3 goodies....I really like the Great Outdoors Blog Couture, I think it would be a great spring-y look for my blog and would remind me that one of our family goals this year is to spend more time in the Great Outdoors and less time inside, in front of the TV!! Can't wait for the housewarming party!!

Emily Barklage

Hard to choose, but probably Vintage Bouquet Blog Couture.

kelly s.

i love your blog's background and banner! and I also like the one with the owl on the branch! All of your designs are fabulous and you can't beat the prices that you have! I will def update my bog with your couture soon.


Hi Heidi;

I love your new house of 3 and I used it for my blog.



Liz Oram

I like you have left my blogs completely nude (or basic)! I tried to change something on my personal blog once and it deleted all my contacts (I say it because I did it all the same as I usually did and then poof-gone)! Since then I really haven't done much but post on there! I would love some help to spruce it up!! I love seeing pages like yours-they always make me happy! Thanks for the opportunity! www.lizandericoram.blogspot.com


Sheila Miller

Hello Heidi! Congrats on the new House of 3. I just followed Rhonna over here from the other place. I have lots of her designs already and will always have them. I did manage to do a header and still contemplating the backgrounds. I am so out of my box, but loving it!
You know that saying,"you can't teach an old dog new tricks", well ummmmm, oh yes you can! Oh, I can't forget Janet, love your spring bling banner.

Alicia King

I love all of your designs...and House of 3, so excited for all of you! and Yeah! I am excited to finally leave a comment on your blog-its been a while ;)

Alicia King

okay I think they are all awesome, my favorites-all the damask ones so cute...love the Damask Artisan one, and the Black Bird is calling me right now!



love the fun blogs- I would love a blog makeover!!


Did we need to link our blog??

Mel Connell

What a lovely idea..... I keep meaning to get myself a header, but I think I will wait for Rhonna's blogger steps, Im a little un-co with the computer sometimes.

Carla T

my favorite is what I have on my blog...but honestly I had a VERY difficult time choosing one. I wanted them all!

And I'm with you Heidi on trying to figure out how to work these blogs but the instructions on Hof3 were really easy and clear!

Kate I

Thanks so much for this Typepad tutorial...I've been wanting to do something more exciting with mine for awhile but thought I would have to take a course in writing HTML! I have the "Pro" account and I'm wondering if I can make these changes with this type of account?

Becky (Daisyduster)

Oh Goodness!
I keep trying to post and it's not showing up...
So last try...
crossing fingers! lol

Thank You so much, Heidi!
This House of 3 thingy is reeeeally cool!
Can't wait until this weekend!

My 2nd fav so far(1st one is on my blog right now!) is
The Black and White Swirl banner with the Damask Border background.


Shelley Smith

Ooo, I love the new look. So sassy! And VERY springy!
I have to say that all your stuff is SUPER cute. I just ordered some stamps, and the distressing tool from you. LOVE it ALL! You are incredibly creative. I actually do vinyl lettering, and love using your tools!! SO fun.
I have to say that I honestly can't pick a design that I love more then the rest. I love simplicity with that little touch of fab! I would LOVE a new look for my vinyl blog. That would ROCK my world!
K, thanks so for the giveaway!
Shelley Smith

Kelly S.

I'm in LOVE with the new House of 3 blog couture! I switched mine out to the pink/black, but am still having issues with having the image stretch properly and my column widths.

I just got PSE for Christmas and recently tried your brushes for the first time. LOVE them! I might just become a digi scrapper yet.


Marianne Pollock

Hi - greetings from Australia. I'm not sure if I know how to leave a link but my blog is www.mariannepollock.typepad.com.
I saw you at Create 08 and thought you rocked! I would be happy with any house of 3
Blog wallpaper but I love the funky dots 2 banner the best. Thanks.


I can't wait to check out the typepad possibilities! :)
Blogging every morning is my cup of coffee, since I've cut out caffeine...

steph caskey devlin

Heidi had way too much fun with this ....


way too much fun ....

Steph xo


lovin all this stuff you ladies are doing! I grabbed TWO banners ( had 1 blog, then started a second... because I am lovin this
grabbed the "blinkie" Ho3 to post on blog#1


My blog so needs a makeover! I love the color red, so the February banner is really jumping out at me. I am totally afraid of all the technology, though! :)


whoops, forgot the link to my blog:
Thanks Heidi!

Traci Severson

Hi Heidi, I certainly love all of the Hof3 looks but I'm smitten with the vintage style right now! Currently my blogs shoes are B&W!


Thanks for the chance to win and congratulations on the new venture!

Jeannine B.

I had so much fun "dressing up" my blog with your new headers and backgrounds! It could get quite addictive! Here is a link to my blog: http://letstalkchaos.blogspot.com/

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