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Congrats Anne! You lucky girl!


Ahh congrats! Nice new blog background Heidi. Excited to see the Easter HOf3 goodies coming soon.


Enjoy your bag. Congrats.


Congrats!! :) I bet that made your day....or week!


Congrats Anne!
I'm so jealous!


you lucky lucky girl -- enjoy!!

Anne Lawrence

It really did make my day! Totally surprised!

Thanks so much, Heidi.

Jackie, Pearland, TX

Wow - contrats! But I wish it would have been me...he he he. Lucky, enjoy it. Cool purse.


love your new blog background!! great colors and design!!

Kim Rose

Congrats! You are one lucky lady with lots of other jealous ladies!

wendy myers

Isn't it amazing to go around the world and learn new things and have them change your life forever, you should go right now and give your husband a great big hug and Thank him for all the great things you have been able to experience, simply because you said yes! we will make this life change for you. WOW what a great husband LOL

Thanks for sharing your life with us!

Christine C

Congrats Anne - you lucky thing

Zandra Cudney

Heidi, as you are getting ready to leave to come back I would like you to remember this: "Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened." Dr. Seuss This is one of my favorite sayings. Hope this will help you get threw this time. Hugz, Zandra

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