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Julie, momto7

WOW! my oldest daughter Emily would FLIP over anything from that site. She's a jewelry fanatic. I'd go with something personalized for her. Thanks for a chance to win!

Heather Awsumb

Personally, I'm loving the flower pendant in the pic. I'll have to dream up something good.


Wow, I think I would choose one of those she rings. I love the book and keep it on my desk for inspiration. (thanks Heidi!) I would love to have a little she on my finger, just to have it with me through the day;)


I love the flower too but I also like the little squares necklace. Not sure if what I would choose really would need/require a word?!It is March 2, and the word I supposedly adopted for 2009 was achieve, however, I have taken that nowhere...yet.
It is my 40th Bday today though if that counts for anything!

Anne Thompson

Oh my goodness, the flower for sure!!! So adorable!!!

Carla T

wow!! gorgeous jewelry. I would definately get something with my kids names on it!

miss h

I loved her "6 BE's". But if I had to choose jewelry, I would choose the "Be Brave". Your story about Capri and the makeup is too funny. I only have two boys, so I don't have that problem...

Julie Johnson

Such beautiful jewelry...I would totally love to put my "one little word" on a necklace to have it with me all the time!


I would choose the square pendant and engrave 'i am loved'. my husband and i just celebrated (on Feb.26) our 26th anniversary and i am definitely still loved by this amazing man. so i feel those three words have great meaning to me now & always.

thanks for the opportunity heidi...love your new house of 3...it's giving me lots of ideas...can't even sleep at night...my brain just won't shut off!

Marlene Moore

I just checked out her site and absolutely love the stacking hearts necklace it is so fun and funky looking.


wow, absolutely, positively would choose the flower. Gorgeous! But all her stuff is. The hilarious thing is I have her bookmarked, and just visited her blog last night for the first time in a bit. I went back to get caught up, but how did I miss that she is PG?? Her little boy is adorable. Yay for Liz!! :o)
Congrat's on the good turnout for open house. I'm off to visit your links.... :o)

Marlene Moore

I just checked her Etsy site and love the stacking hearts necklace.
So fun and funky.
I had to re-post this as my original seemed to disappear !


something with a heart and the word 'surrender'......love it!

Mickey C.

well, I posted a reply but it didn't put my name. And now I don't see my post, so maybe I did this wrong?? :o-

Anyhoo, I'd choose the flower. It's fab!! Totally my favorite by Liz. I love her blog and just visited her on it last night. How did I miss that she is expecting #2 now??!! Woo-hoo. She's amazing, and I adore her work. Good stuff!!
Congrat's, Heidi, on the good turnout at your open house. I'm off to visit it via your links. :o)


I just checked out her site...everything is so gorgeous it would be hard to choose! But I'd have to go with something with *Dream* on it...my official word for 2009.


I would pick the stacking hearts necklace, I love it!

Amy Nabors

i think i would have the words 'fear not' on it. or 'imagine, create, dream'. oh there would be so many possibilities. :)


Such a great artist...thanks for sharing her work. I can't wait to explore her pieces a little more.


I would love the fortune coin pendant that says LIVE LOVE LAUGH and the inscription on the back to say "20 years strong" as it my 20th wedding anniversary in April. Thanks for this opportunity.

rebecca k

I love the necklace with the 2 circle tags for kids names. I have two kids and would love to have a necklace with their names on it.

Becky W.

Love the flower!!! Way too cute!

Tamikko Gordin

I would get a bracelet with my kids names on it. Great jewelery. I also love the 'Just Be' necklace and 'Enjoy the Journey', both great sayings to live by.

laura j

wow! visited the etsy shop and loved each piece....so hard to decide...scrolled up and down and back again, then I realized there was a second page! oh no, how can i pick just one?! I do love the organic flower pendant...it's so beautiful!

Jenny Young

I love the "initial" necklace. The sample she shows in her Etsy shop would work just fine. J.

linda thompson

Oh my gosh, I would LOVE to own a Liz Eaton original!
It would take forever for me to choose... because I adore all her creations.
I attended one of your appearances at the Lucky 13 store where you brought your baby Capri. Soon after I found out you were pregnant again and I did the math and figured you were barely pregnant at that appearance. Anyway, Liz was holding Capri that night.
It was fun meeting you both!

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