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What amazing pieces. I love the square, I think it says make each day count. I really need to work on that! Also, that pic of your daughter with the makeup made me giggle! :)

Lisa Teuscher

I love the hearts! So organic and unique, it would really stand out!!

Sherri P eh

Hmmmm, I'm not sure what I would choose! Her pieces are all gorgeous! I think I would either have something personalized with my daughter's name, or let her choose a special pieces for herself. Beautiful!!


I would love the bracelet to say No Regrets or Say What You Need to Say-so that I don't ever forget that life is fleeting...but oh that flower necklace and stacking hearts are amazing. Love her stuff!

Jaime Benavides

I love the flower pendant...It's beautiful! My word would have to be "RESILIENT" because my family and I have had to deal with my parents' separating in Feb 08 to them filing for divorce around Christmastime, after 33 years of marriage. It's been a long and difficult process and I've had to be strong in front of my children because I don't want them to see me cry. You know, because they're children and I don't need them to worry or feel bad for me. You'd think that as an adult it would be easier, but it's not. It's like you're mourning. However, I've gone to breaking down everyday to better, happier days. It is what it is. I can't change it. All I can do is cherish all of the precious memories that we shared during our time together... Sorry for rambling, Heidi.


wow, I would be thrilled to win anything.. sooooooooooooo beautiful..
thanks for the opportunity!!
mary t

chris fournier

Most definately the hearts!! All of the jewelry is gorgeous!

Amy W.

I would love one that said "snickerdoodle" since that is a nickname from my childhood and I still get called it once in a while. The name reminds me of who I need to be...fun, sweet, loving, and obedient! Her jewelry is amazing!


I love that jewelry and would Love to win.

I love your blog too. :)


I think I would use my word for the year... endure. I figure we all have to endure through many things, what really matters is HOW we do it... I also love the flower necklace. What beautiful talent. Thanks for sharing.


Oh dear! Capri did a great job on her little face! Before I read your post, I thought it was self tanner! Anyway, the one word I would choose on a piece of jewelry would be "hope", and give it to my sister for her birthday. We all need hope, but she needs it the most.

Peace to you.


I love the stacking hearts necklace.... it would make a fantastic gift for my mother in law... representing her grandchildren... and she has always been the one to care for my kids once I was back to work... lovely!

Sheila Miller

Oh, I would have to choose the daisy flower. When my daughter was born my husband wrote on a card. Roses and Daisies for sweet little ladies. When our son was born he wrote Roses and Daisies for sweet little babies. So needless to say, the daisy is my favorite flower of all time! PS: Love the style of the jewelry very much.


Love the stacking hearts...or my mantra "It is what it is."


Hearts, definitely hearts, I love jewelry with hearts, can you guess what I would pick??? Thanks for the chance to win! Sher B.


I would do the bracelet that something like She is strong or couragous...that would be the mantra for what I am going thru my life right now. Hey, btw...did you get my email about printing off the 12x12 at hof3?


I love the necklace with the kids' names or the one with the box that you can put a saying in - super cool. :)

Geralyn Gray

I would choose one word.....I would use the word I chose for this year. It is SHINE. This is a big year for my seventeen year old twins. They are involved with the high school band, chorus, and drama. So, my husband and I have made soaking it all in and attending all of their activities and watching them SHINE. 2009 is our time to SHINE.

Yvonne Michelle

I would also have to go with the stacking hearts. For one, I collect heart jewelry. Secondly, there are six hearts. Since I am a single mother of 5 children, our family is made up of the six of us. Interestingly enough, my numerology number is also 6. I don't know if that's fate, but I'm very partial to the number 6.

Liz' stuff is amazing! I'm going to have to show it to my mom. Or maybe I'll just buy her a piece for her birthday. Thanks for sharing Heidi!


The picture of Capri is priceless! (Her hair is so cute--even without the sweet curls!)

They have really grown since y'all moved China!


I just discovered your blog and HOF3, LOVE IT! Now, the jewelry is beautiful! It is hard to choose a favorite yet I will narrow it down to the Organic Circles necklace! Wonderfully unique. Thanks for the opportunity!


i like the organic circles and the stacking hearts......hard to choose! beautiful stuff!

Michele Rosner

Stacking hearts without a doubt - six hearts - one for each member of my family. It's a perfect fit.


Oh, very cute! How could you just pick one?!!!


Capri is definitely a future MAC artist in training. Next thing you know, she'll be Twittering from Bryant Part during fashion week!

Love the stacking hearts. So many people and causes are close to my heart that I feel at times it will overflow for love & heartbreak for those whose hearts are breaking or worn and weary.

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