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Thanks for the cool card video! I love that you have a purse clip too! Can you alter it? That would be super fun, a purse clip that you can alter yourself!!!


I just saw this clip on eBay and bid. It's too cute!


Good luck with the move, hope it all goes smoothly!

Theresa Grdina

I have to say that your purse clip is inspired! What a great idea...and where do I get one?

Good luck on your move back home. I hope it goes well for you and your family. I can't believe you have been gone long enough to come back. God speed.


I loved watching the videos! I love the earrings you are wearing in them - where did you get them?


I will say that I am a bit sad that there will be no more posts from
China. My favorite have been of you at the Great Wall as that is part of the curriculum I teach to my 6 th Graders. May you and your family have a safe journey home.

Those that heard you speak were blessed. I am sure there were few dry eyes. You are a heartwarming individual that bless us all. Prayers and safety to you and your family.

Michelle from CA


Heidi, you are such an inspiration. I am a scrapbooker who loves your products (I'm using your ghost shape flowers today). And, your blog inspired me to start my own. Thank you and hope you have a safe trip back to the states. I am excited to hear about your travels.

p.s. Great thank you card video and purse clip video.


Hey Heidi. Love all your products. So is there anywhere we can order one of those cute little purses? I am purse crazy and I just love that little bag. Hope your trip goes well. If you don't mind me asking how was it that you all got the opportunity to go live over there? I think that it is so awesome that your kids had that opportunity. Have a great day.


Thanks for the video clips...have a safe trip.

Nancy Wyatt

Great videos! Thanks for sharing and hope the move goes as smoothly as possible! hugs from Nancy of Conroe TX!

Kathy F


Good Luck on your move and I hope that everything goes smooth for you..I will pray for it! :)

Also, I watched the videos and loved them both...I will have to get the purse clip for sure....so useful for more than just a crop! :) I also loved your personality in it...too funny (when you brought up TH)! I also loved the simplicity of your thank you card/envie. :)

Oh...your family is beautiful and the pics are great! :)


Best of luck on your travels back to the U.S. I hope it is a safe, happy trip. What a change to come back here after being in China, but I'm sure you're ready to be closer to your extended family. That would be so hard being far away.

I ordered your purse clip from Scrapbook.com and am supposed to receive it tomorrow. SO excited after seeing the video on it. :) Can't wait to try it out!!


Hey Heidi, I LOVE that ring you have where oh where can I find one?
Thanks for the video's inspiring and fabulous products as always! Good luck with the move home!!


Cool videos thanks! I am excited to get my purse clip that I won from you...such a cool idea! I hope your trip back to the USA goes ok :) Safe travels!

Martha Beck

OK, so now I know how it works. Why didn't I buy it while I was at the scrapbook store (yesterday that is 2 hours away) and figure it out later? This would be so useful!!!

Martha Beck

Genius on the cards! Love that!

Grace P

great videos...you had to tease me with that bag again??? lol Have a great Monday and good luck on your travels back to the States! Just remember to breath. Grace

Annette Schwab

Heidi, I just watched the video on the thank you card, and I can't wait to make some! Thank you!!! Annette Schwab


Love the video! Hope all goes well with your move....you are such a trooper!!! God Bless your travels.

johanna (from sweden)

thanks for the easy-cards-video... very smart, i am missing envelops all the time.
good luck with the moving.


Simply clever! and might I add...I love that I know you love Mondays from our BPS class, and I know to check in here on my Sunday? Bittersweet, your leaving Beijing, but what a wonderful memory :)


Brrr, it does look cold there. AZ in the 70's and 80's this week...so "welcome home"...just in time for allergy season. Loved the card video. Thx. We really appreciate you!
I know exactly what you're feeling right now and going thru--boat shipments are a pain and you might think coming back will be easier than living overseas but you have all changed so "back to normal might be different". Best Wishes for you all. So happy to have you back in the valley soon! I'll be praying.


Very cool card and purse hook - must get one of those. (wish I would've one that cute purse) God be with you on your journey home.


totally cute videos Heidi... love the purse clip and the yellow purse! I am looking forward to bumping into you again when you and the family move back to Mesa! tena


What beautiful family photos...I have loved reading about your adventures and life in China...what a great experience.
I wish you safe and smooth travels home.

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