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The recipe cards are beautiful!

Sophia Allison

What size are the calendars, and where do we find the other months to complete ours...

Laurie Turpin

you are coming to Canada??? But Edmonton is oh so far from Ottawa! ho hum.

Have a WONDERFUL time wherever your travels may take you...

I heart those calendars...you 3 rock!


P.S. I was chillin with Vicki (Boutin) this weekend and I think I've told you I accidentally call her Heidi sometimes...well, she accidentally called me Heidi this weekend and I nearly peed my pants! Ask her mom. I thought she would pee hers too from laughing at me!

Jaime Benavides

Your calendars are awesome! And the cruise sounds like it would be a blast...;)

Geralyn Gray

I made the March calender and loved the profect. I never would have thought of putting the blog backround with it. I'll have to wait until April. That looks great-----what a super idea!!!!!!!!

Lindsay Bateman

That is AMAZING news about Edmonton!!!!
I live 2 hours away and will be there...no matter what it takes! This is the best news ever! Thank you!!!!

Rhonna Farrer

LOVE the blog couture as calendars! you are simply the BEST!


I am holding my breath for the lottery (Creative Escape Lottery... Powerball would be nice too, but I will be just as happy to "win" a spot to CE!!!!) But I will keep the cruise in mind as a backup!!

Do you have a link for the seamstress that made your Apron you posted a while back on your blog? (black, white, & pink)--okay, that just described everything you own. {wink!!}

Also, when does "blog of the week" start??? You know I need that trophy!!! :)

Have a great weekend.

Liz Hagage

YAY you are coming to Edmonton!!! my very very cold city hehehehe hope it will be warmer by April. cant wait for more info!!!


I am seriously thinking about taking that cruise, Heidi. And I looked on the website for Scrapmap, and I am thinking, you know what, I want to see the world. Somehow, someway, i'm going to do it- even if I have to go by myself! I may just take my little sister (16) to Ireland if I can save up enough money for her. I wanted to do China but its too close to this year for me to be able to do that :( Somehow, someway...
I am going to try to do the Home book for my parents- I don't really have a "home" since my life has changed so much these past few months...Do you have any ideas on what I could put in the book, esp when I don't live there, and it would be a suprise gift for my parents? My brother is going to be graduating high school and going off to college in June :*). so this would be a nice gift don't you think?


Wow, wow, wow!!!! I can't believe I won that ADORABLE bag!!!!!!!!!! I ran downstairs right away and told my husband that I won (and showed him the picture of the bag) - funny, though - although he was excited for me, he wasn't nearly as filled with excitement as I was, LOL!!!! Men - can't figure them out at all, LOL!!!

I can't get the link to work to email you, though. Ack!!! I tried last night and again this morning, but with no luck. Please email me, or advise me on how I can get in touch with you. In the meantime, I'll keep trying the link!

Thanks so much,


Rebecca Foxworth

I stopped planning meals. I subscribe to e-mealz.com. They have quite a few different plans, my family's crazy about all the menus, and they're $15.00 for 3 months of weekly menus (1 page for the menus and recipes, 1 page for the shopping list). {I used to struggle with planning menus, too.}

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