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Geralyn Gray

Looks like button heaven to me.....You are a lucky girl!!!!!!!!!

Sandy M

Ni Hao Heidi,
My husband and I will be travelling to Beijing this summer. May I have the address of the fabric & button market please:) The hand made dumplings and noodles look mouth watering and I cannot wait to get there. I love your layout! I also love all the Hof3 products. It is the absolute best. I've used one of the background and header for my blog and everyone adore the look:)
Thanks again for sharing your experience with us. Hope you have a wonderful trip home. I look forward to meet you in person some day.


Heidi, loved today's blog. My congrats to the winners. Those noodles looked delish.


I've loved your China stories mostly because I was amazed at your adaptable and calm spirit. I would've been an anxious wreck. You don't know how good those potstickers and noodles look. Lucky you! Thank you for being so generous with us, I feel I know a little more about China now. Are your kids excited to go home?


Wow I can't imagaine having anything besides Joann's to buy fabric and buttons from. Enjoy while you can.

This is a big THANK YOU from sunny AZ I am going to miss your China memories as we all live them via you!!!

Can't wait for CE!!


Heidi - you are making ME miss the fabric market and I rarely even ever buy it! LOL

I am thinking tho, that a trip there to buy buttons would be a blast.

I will also miss your adventures from China. I have never had the urge to go there until I started reading your blog. You have opened up a whole new world (literally) for me. Thank you for that.



Thanks Heidi for picking me....so happy!! :) I am sorry you have to leave China and at such a rush, I hope you get everything done that you want to in the last few days. Those buttons look like so much fun!

Thanks Again!


LOVE the pics! It's funny- I was driving down the road today and thinking,"where else do you have bikes, motorcycles, cars, people, and donkey carts all in the street?" Now I know! LOL! My husband and I visited China a few years ago and we were amazed by how delicious the food was and how cheap! Yum!!

miss h

Oh, I'll be checking in tomorrow. Hope the packing is going ok.

Marlene Moore

Heidi, loved all the pictures today, make the most of your time at the fabric market. Wondering just how many boxes you will be shipping back, lol!


I haven't been lucky in a long time! Wish I knew the secret CE Lotto word! I never seem to get chosen. So glad you're coming home, Heidi. We have really missed your teaching around here. Love your new stuff.


Congrats winners!! That peek looks pretty yummy! Can't wait to see it!

Kim Rose

I can only imagine what you have in mind with those buttons. Each time I look at my CE ring it makes me very happy. Happy shopping!

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