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Hmmmmmmmmmm don't know for SURE where I'd put it...but I love the look on glass and I'm thinking it might make a really pretty mirror for my bathroom...been thinking that I need a change in there! :)



Oohhhh those are definitely COOL! I would have to give a set to my mom - she would FREAK over them!! Esp the chandelier one - I LOVE how it looks in the frame - will have to do that!

mandie segura

I would totally BUY a mirror to hang in my dining room to put the chandelier on! :)


This would definitely go in my daughter's room! She's the only girl with three brothers so I'm sure she needs the escape to a girly room!


I love the Chandeliers! I would either put it in my studio or one of my girls' rooms. Thanks for the chance to win!

Vicki Arnold

I would put one of those chandeliers by our bathtub!!!
Very cute!


Heidi- Pick me please! I'd put them in my dining room. I'm still decorating it and I'd promise to take a picture of the "finished room" so you could post it on your site. Remember...pick Trish!! :-)


ooohhh... the chandeliers would be perfect in my daughter's room... which is already in a pink polka dot / black & white style... she'd flip for these in there!!
Hope you are enjoying your birthday!!


I have a very bland entry way with a lovely table against a white closet door. I think the lamp one woulld be great there.
I am also thinking about how to use the frames at a school where I work.

Lisa L.

I would love one and put it right in my scrap room for me to enjoy!


I love it in a frame. So cute!


these are amazing! Good job AGAIN Heidi. And happy birthday!!


I would put it in my master bathroom. I bought a small real candle chandelier and learned quickly I was not supposed to actually light the candles as the flame darkened the paint on it...I have four boys so I need some bling in my own space!

Karen Kennedy

I would love to put it in our dining room that I am using as a scrap room! We have lived here for 7+ years and we don't have a thing on the walls in here...it is a pretty shade of purple with black toile valances(sp?). I am thinking of just converting this entire room into a scrap/craft/home office and filling it with things I love to look at....would love one!
Thanks for the opportunity!

p.s happy birthday! My little sister's b-day is today and I always remember it because when she was a wee one, she used to say "turdiest" for thirtieth!!


The chandeliers are my favorites ! I would use them in my foyer which needs something fun.


I would love a chandelier and would put it in my girl's bedroom. They would love it! These are so fabulous! Happy Birthday Heidi.

Sue Bone

I would like to put a chandelier in our bathroom as it has a black, white and silver theme. Great product.


I plan to redecorate my tiny main bathroom and a chandelier would be perfect (cause there's no room for a REAL one!)



In my scraproom - for inspiration of course:)


Cool... super cool!

The chandelier would look so cute in my daughters new big girl room!!

Happy late Birthday!!!

Martha Saenz

I would LOVE one! I would put it on my bedroom wall because I have NOTHING on any of my bedroom walls... took care of the rest of the place and my son's room first. :D Great product BTW!


Fabulous! I love them and can't wait to play with the frames on Saturday with you :-)
Kim B

becky Jones

OOOHH! I want one, and I know just where I'd put it, right about my bed! Such a great idea!

Tamikko Gordin

Oh my, I'm in love with these! So versatile. As for the chandelier, I would put one in my girls bedrooms. I can see the frames in my living room too. What a great new line. I'm been trying to figure out where people get these things. You've got the best I've ever seen on any blogs.
Happy Birthday again Heidi.


They would have to go in my scrap room, on the wall-inside the frames!!

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