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Where is Edmonton? What state? How far is it from Shreveport, louisiana? I would love to come but I need to know if I could drive to it. Please advise ms_cheryl_y@yahoo.com.


I still want to make an energy journal for myself. I'm on the southern end of the East Coast (South Carolina), so a trip to Edmonton or Houston is out of the question right now, especially with the new house going up this week. Please, Heidi, would you offer the Energy Journal class online (or if I beg hard enough and long enough, please email me the directions to make my own?)?? PLEEEEAAAASSSSE?


Your font on your blog is so small. Anyone else have that problem?


This sounds like fuN!!! It might be just the excuse I need to fly home for a visit...maybe!!


I am excited for you to move back into your home...since you have been away I had a baby girl and am looking forward to the clever "girl stuff" you do...hair bows, painting, pages etc...the peach.orange paper reminds me of a cute maternity top you wore that I emailed you about...did that inspire the design?


I would be able to come to your class because I live in Edmonton! It would be SO much fun!

Rebecca H.

I would love to be able to come! I live in Northern Alberta and going to Edmonton is a fun ritual for me! I can actually go into a costco or a scrapbooking store!!

Brit S.

I'm in! I'm totally up for a road trip to Edmonton if I were to win. That would be awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!


Heidi, I have a friend going thru a rough time right now, we are scrapbook buddies, I would love to win so I could take her away from it all!!! thanks for the chance, good luck with your to do list!!


OH MY GOODNESS!! I am totally within driving distance of Edmonton and would love to win a spot. I have a friend that needs 'energy in' and would love to be able to gift her with that. Thanks for the chance to do just that!


I would LOVE to take your class in Edmonton! Learning new techniques is exactly what I need right now to kick start my creativity! Thanks for the chance.


Hi Heidi,

I would be so honoured to meet you if you were to choose me for those spots for your Edmonton workshop.

I actually took the April 28th date off from work as a retreat day for myself, but could not afford to register for your class as my car was broken into, and I had to get the door handle and lock fixed...(which cost a lot of money!). I was temped to leave the lock wrecked, but it had to be done...sigh...

I would so there for May 30 and would love to invite my dear friend to come with me for the day...we both could use some positive energy...a best friends retreat day!

Thanks for reading,
~ Diana


I would enjoy a trip (short for me) to Edmonton and would be THRILLED to take your all day class!


Lindsay Bateman

heidi...what a great giveaway! i am already registered for your edmonton all day, but i have a few friends that I would LOVE to share this opportunity with. I don't know if I still count in the draw, but I thought I would try anyway! Can't wait for May 30th!!!!

Doreen McKort

I would LOVE to attend your workshop in Edmonton. The fact that May 30 is my birthday (no joke) would make it the icing on the cake!


I would absolutely, positively LOVE to be able to attend the Edmonton workshop!!! I will cross my fingers that I win!!
Thanks Heidi!!!

Laura Burke

Well I am lucky to be in your class this weekend here in Houston with both of my daughters...How fun will this be. Can not wait to meet you. We are big fans!!
Safe trip and see you friday!

Kelly R

I can so make it to Edmonton on May 30. I missed out on the draw held at a local scrapbook store, so this would be a second chance. I would be bringing one of my sisters, now which one to choose. Thanks :)

Sandy M

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog background. You, Janet and Rhonna are amazing!!!
Have a wonderful time in Houston and have a happy Mother's day!

Alison P

I would love to come to your Edmonton Event. I have had 3 kids, who under the age of 3 and none are twins. I hope you choose me. Thank you.


Wow, this is an amazing opportunity you are providing...thanks! I would love to be considered for this fantastic give-away as I live a short distance from Edmonton.

Candi Ladwig

Hmmmm, don't think I can renew my passport in time!! Don't tell my husband he was right when he told me to go do it... "you never know when you will need it." I hate when he is right... I so wanna go... and need it!! :)


ooh- so fun! I would love to come and learn from you!


That's so generous of you. I'd love a chance to win. Thanks.


Oh Heidi please, please pick me...I am Canadian in live in Arizona and my sister lives in Alberta...we have not seen each other for 2 years...would be so cool to see her and take a class from you at the same time!!! michelle

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