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Jennifer Silvertooth

I was just coming to see if you updated your blog since I knew NSD is getting closer! I love By Design and I love your work, so I would love to win this spot! I wanted to sign up, but unfortunately with a little one on the way (due in August), it just wasn't in the budget for me this year! Maybe I will get lucky though! Thanks for the chance to win!

Adrian V.

I live in Dallas and could fly in, so I would love a chance! Thanks for the opportunity :)


wow ... that bedroom is so lovely! I love it!


Is a fat dog heavy? Yes! I can come to Houston. My sister lives there and I have been wanting to go to Tracy's store when I visit my sis - and there is an IKEA there too. Thanks, CindyML


This would be the most fun experience for me! I'm just starting to scrapbook, and what a better place to learn some new things, than from YOU at one of THE CUTEST scrapbook stores!! As much fun as it would be for me though, I'd have to nominate my mother as well (I'm not sure if she'll comment on this) But she loves you, and all of your work, and she could really use a "mini vacation" from being a mother!! Debbie House is her name!! :) Thanks for this opportunity!


OOh I've been there for a class with Janet - its an amazing store. Would love to win this.

Carmel Harrell

I would so like a girl's week-end in Houston and my daughter (Candi) would truely enjoy the class!!! Pick me, Pick me :-)

Candi Ladwig

Pick me, pick me, pick me!!!!!! I am in Iowa (ya know... the cold!!!) I would love an excuse to get away!! I have been on their mailing list since the grand opening! I LOVE this shop. I would be so excited to see the store in person!! I love the boutique feel with all the scrappy goodies!! I love the big chunky frames for wall displays, the chandeliers, the chairs, the pink & black... THE EVERYTHING!!! I hope this is a lucky number!!! {and yes, I have already checked into it and I will fly down for the weekend!!} I can't imagine a better NSD than this!!!!!! (I already know what I would wear!!) :)


I'm a local girl...I could walk to Tracy's store and I would love nothing more than to be a part of the fabulous-ness you guys have planned!


Live in Mesa, but have been to this fab store when I was in Houston last year! I would love the opportunity to go again!!!


Thank you for your disaster story...it really made me feel so much better after getting off the phone with my son's bank, which he called to close the account BEFORE he deployed to Iraq and they did not do it, and they would not give me the time of day to help correct their error! Grrr. OOOOooopink flowers and chick on your blog is calming me down. Thank you for being so darn cute and talented! **blows kisses** Deborah

Mary S.

I am truly blessed being able to go to By Design whenever I need to get my scrapping inspiration. This has to be the happiest place on the planet. The store is gorgeous but it is Tracy and the staff that make it such a treasure. I did not sign-up because I thought I had to be out of town that weekend but those plans have changed. It would be such a delight to spend NSD with ya'll.

Cassaundra Lala

Would love the chance to go. I'm a local girl and had too many things up in the air when sign ups occured. You know, things like "Is my husband about to leave me for indefinite amount of time to be on the next season of Biggest Loser?" "Am I pregnant?" Well, (un)fortunately, he did not get picked for the final interviews, but I am pregnant! I could really use an Energy journal right now...really just some energy would be nice.

Anette Rowzee

By Design is the "Most Fab" store EVER! Tracy has done an awesome job. She and her employees are so helpful and friendly. My friends and I drive to Houston about every 6 weeks to get our By Design "fix" and we work at a Scrapbook Store! Yes, we know that we really need help. But who can resist all that Pink Fabulousness!

Angie Hamill

does it count if I can be there Friday afternoon, and Saturday Morning, I am teaching a Saturday Afternoon Scrapbook class on the opposite side of town.... I really want to come. I love this store and love to be able to stop at it when I am on that side of town and would love the chance to meet you in person. Been following your blog well for a while.=O)

Sandy M

Love to be there but I live in Calgary. I hope you have a great time. Thanks for sharing the story. I have ran out of gas before...not fun but it was grat to hear that the guys helped you out. I cannot wait for the new Hof3 release:)


You sound like you have my luck when traveling. Houston would be a fun get away, and I would love to take your classes.


Ahhhh, Heidi!! I would love to win, but I am out of town on a job. I had so wanted to stop by and tell you hello. I miss Beijing!! I'm sure you are missing things about it too. Anyway, I'll see you at CE in Aug.
PS Could you find that picture you took of me (you put it on the blog) taking pictures and send it to me as a jpg file? Please, please, please!!!!

Julie A. Wooten

My husband is famous for running out of gas on vacation! I was pregnant and carrying a toddler on a highway! We took a ride from a stranger finally! All turned out good, thank goodness!
I would love to take your classes at that fabulous store!!


OMG Heidi --- how scary for you to be stranded like that --- sounds like something that would happend to me! have a great weekend. love the picture of you mom with the kids --- so tender. michelle

Sylvia Y.

I'm happy to say I'm a local girl and am blessed to be able to visit By Design any time. Thursdays are late nights at Tracy's and a fellow scrapper and I start our girl's night out at 'the pink store' with a Thursday make and take. It's a great store -- but it's the girls that make it so special. Wished I could have signed up for the week-end but even if I'm not picked for your give-away, I have plans to come by to visit and meet you. Have a safe trip to Houston and see you for NSD at By Design!

Jaime Benavides

OMG Heidi! I'm so glad that everything worked out for you and your kids. What a scare! Have a great week;)

Debbie O'Neal

Oh Heidi - this is so super nice of you and Tracey too to offer us a chance. I am a local girl and missed getting a spot for NSD event. I love your creativity and energy and would love to spend my weekend at By Design....love all that PINK and they are the sweetest ladies who work there. So PICK ME PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!

Anna B.

Love the girl's room! It is SUPER CUTE! I can't wait to get my hands on some cute wall art :)

Nancy Wyatt

Only you Heidi would this happen to yet be so close to your destination! Glad it all turned out so well! OMG! I so want to win! I had to pass on your classes at the time of sign up but would love, love, love to win! My hubby is out of town for 14days and it includes the weekend you are here! What better way to spend it but with you and the gals at By Design! Hope to win but if not, I may have to go by there to try and meet ya! hehe, would be totally cool to meet THE Heidi Swapp! hugs from Conroe, TX!

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