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mandie segura

I LOVE to make brownies from scratch!!!


My favorite thing is anything Mexican!

Michelle M

I myself do not cook all that often but dinner by my hubby from the grill is totally yummy, and my Mother-in-laws Texas sheet cake.

Kimberly Sackett

I love to bake...anything with chocolate in it!! Kim S.

Roberta Hartzog

My husband is the cook in the house. He always wants some good down to earth things to cook! If the book is everything you say - you might even inspire me to cook!

Angie Nichalson

Hi Heidi..I love to cook anything Mexican, but I also love my grandma's sheet cake. Would love to see your friend's recipe too!!

Heidi Y

I love to bake and I'd like to learn to cook! Sounds like a great book!!


I love to make homemade cookies!


My favorite thing to cook...wow hard one. Fajitas probably. Anything quick, easy, and yummy.
The cookbook looks awesome. I'm always on the lookout for new recipes

Jen Parshall

My favorite thing to make is chocolate cake with fluffy white frosting and chocolate sprinkles, but honestly my husband is the cook in the house and I would love for him to experience some new recipes and bonus....this weekend is his birthday!!


My family is always putting me on the dessert list for all gatherings as that is what I love to make! The best book, since I don't have Elizabeth's yet, is The Cake Mix Doctor. You can make anything if you have a box cake mix on hand! I cook, bake, etc all the time and would love to have some new recipes from this book. TFS

Nicole R.

I love to cook and most of the time my husbands family finds there way over to my house around dinner time. I love trying new recipes. I make just about everything, except pies. I haven't mastered the art of the pie crust, YET!


My favorite meal to cook right now, is cut 3 pieces of thick sliced bacon into small pieces, brown, add a sliced onion and 1/2 pound of mushrooms, brown slightly, add a pound of baby spinach and wilt, add about 2 cups cooked pasta, salt and pepper toss together and you have a great, quick easy meal. You can dress this up with other protein, vegetables or herbs.

jennifer cruz

Pasta, pasta, pasta !! I cook it a hundred different ways & being Italian I know them all....I guess my fav is Penne with chicken, olives & artichokes cooked in olive oil with lots of basil...YUM.....


I love to cook anything mexican. Stuffed green chilis, spanish rice even chicken cheese crisps can be made to look special.

Lisa L.

I love to bake banana bread -- yummy! With chocolate chips too!


My favorite thing to cook is choc. chip cookies because I'm totally addicted to the dough! I put dough into two or three little bowls and keep it in the fridge. Usually they last about 36 hours (at the most!)

Katie Squires

crock pot goodness all the way :)

Linda Munro

Hi there! My favorite thing to cook has got to be Mexican or Italian---- actually my son comes home from his first year at college in one more month ~ and I can't wait to cook whatever he wants!! It's not the same with just me and my husband ;)


My favorite thing to cook for dinner is chicken mushroom fettucine...oh the calories but oh the YUM!!


I love to make cookies and the quick breads like banana bread, etc. Something relaxing about putting together those ingredients (plus, I like eating the finished product!).


I like to cook and eat anything with sugar.


my favorite thing to cook are TACOS & cupcakes!

Today is my 1/2 Birthday so that is what we are having for dinner.


Sally Sellke

One of my staple recipes is lasagne and I also make a grea tasting low fat apple pie. But I love to find new easy recipes that everyone will eat. Thanks for the chance to win
Cheers Sally


My favorite thing to cook these days are soups/stews. I can do the work early in the day and not need to stress when I am with the kids after school running them all over town! Looks like a great cookbook - thanks to you and Elizabeth.

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