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I've already signed up for the House of 3 GORGEOUS Silver tote - it looks soooo pretty in those Edmonton pictures!

Cindi B.

Come to Denver!!!!


yesterday was amazing heidi!!!
so glad you came!

elzbieta kaminski

Everything! I love it... you are so amazing... elzbieta


If i had known you were going to have silver logo bags as well i might have driven all the way from AZ to attend! LOL! Glad the day went smoothly. You are a class act.

Christina Giese

Hey Heidi!! I was so excited to discover that I made it onto your blog - well my photo anyhow!! It was an amazing class and I couldn't stop showing off my projects.

Actually - that energy book was exactly what I needed that day. I had some not so happy conversations that day and felt that this would be a great gift to remind my friend of their happy-energies! So - it suited perfectly! Thank you!!

It was so great to meet you. YOu're so sincere and inspiring!

I hope it's okay that I copy your photo (if I can) and then link my blog to yours!


Kim Lee

Hi Heidi

Thanks for posting my picture with my cousin! I copied it onto my blog too. I enjoyed meeting you! The classes were fabulous.


s a n s k u :)

I posted some of my pictures on my blog if you'd like to go and grab them: www.siennasmommy.blogspot.com


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